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Diet bread and water: how to lose weight by 7 kg per week?

Let's start with the fact that it is not necessary to be afraid of diets, any sensible woman knows that the diet gives the body stress, push, allows to lose weight.When diet ends, the woman should not consume food again in the same quantity, it should continue to monitor your diet.

as exercise and diet formula each person individually chooses .Someone easier to sit on boiled potatoes and fish, and someone on the bread.

Bread Diet: How to Lose Weight 7 kg in a week?

If you do not have time to prepare various salads, and you do not want all day to feel hunger, the bread diet for you.

A week on a diet of bread, you can part with 7 kg of excess weight.

But do not worry, not to harm your body be supplemented bread menu diet oatmeal and milk .These products do not allow the body to deplete its resources.

Bread Diet: How to Lose Weight 7 kg in a week?

in the diet is the secret of bread?

  • Perhaps in folk wisdom, which says that there is no bread dinner.Bread - a storehouse of vitamins and minerals, which are larger than in spinach, as recommended by nutritionists.Of course, you
    can eat more bread than any other product, but diet is a difficult thing, we must be able to control yourself.
  • water to drink as much as you want.But be sure to drink a glass of water in the morning, and then half an hour, do not eat anything.
  • Plus diet is bread meals. Not all are able to resist the dinner and at the same time to feel normal and fractional 5 - 6 meals a day is not convenient to all of the work schedule.Three times fed optimally, each used to such a regime from childhood.

list and rate products bread diet

  1. oat porridge - 1 plate.
  2. Milk - 2 -3 cups.
  3. Bread - 5 flow proportional slices or 200 grams.
  4. Tea without sugar - 2 cups.

Sample menu diet bread

bread menu diet

Breakfast : Dish herculean porridge, boiled in water or milk, a slice of bread and tea.

Lunch: 2 slices of bread and tea.

Dinner : 2 cups milk, 2 slices of bread.

Variations of the products may be different to the diet is not bored.For example, for breakfast tea and bread for dinner cereal with milk for lunch the rest.The main thing is not to increase the portion and dinner before 6pm.

Product note:

  • Milk should be used at room temperature or slightly warm.
  • better to buy bread and bran, black, unleavened it longer to digest and therefore keeps the feeling of satiety.The bread can dry a little, to make it tastier, with calorie product is not increased.
  • tea should be used black, at the request of herbal, not from bags and big leaf.
  • Water should be spring, or well-cleaned filter.

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When bread diet body does not experience more stress and you are hungry.

November 30, 2013 22:11
really lose weight by 7 kg per weekimpossible.Such a weight loss can only be due to severe stress or terrible disease.Extra weight loss ineffective by the fact that such a weight very quickly returned.Such slogans no more than a publicity stunt, because we always want to be free or easily.
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January 8, 2014 02:01
I hope there are none who really believe in the "Lose 7kg in the week," and most know that it's just zamanuha.But the important thing is that the headline.I mostly guided by what I like the menu or not.This "Lose to so many for so much" ... Whatever forecasts may be, realistic or not, everyone is different and everyone has their own pace.
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