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Diet without starvation.

For many, the phrase "Lose weight and do not starve," seems empty words, a tale that will never come to life.But this method leads to harmony, beauty and appeal of gaining the first position today.This is due to the fact that women today lead a very active lifestyle and think about starvation, and even more about its effects (irritability, constant hunger, bad mood, bothersome counting calories), they just do not have time.Unfortunately, access to the sports hall is also no.But these factors do not suggest that we should give up on her hand, no.It is at this point comes in the diet, in which there is no fasting.

On this diet you will not have to starve!

How can I lose weight without starving?

basis of this type of weight loss is that by gradually reducing the amount of food consumed, calories and changes in your eating habits, you will lose the extra kilos that will never return.Gradualism is the main key to success.The body has time to adjust to a new way of life that it does not disturb and does not force include power saving mode.It is i

n this state flows into our body in the diet, in which you need to restrict your diet.

Therefore, it diet without starving is correct.Yes, it will take more time, but the result is always to gain a foothold, and you'll never go back to my previous weight.

Terms diet without starving

So, begin to lose weight :

  1. in your plate should be as much food as would fit in your palms .Of course, this estimate of the amount, if after dinner, you feel dizzy and hungry, so it is necessary to slightly increase their dose.Remember, the main thing that your body comfortable. better to have fewer but more .
  2. Good sleep also help in the fight against excess weight .During sleep, the body compensates for the energy spent per day, does not deprive him of the process, neglecting sleep.Otherwise, in the morning, your body will require energy from the outside, from the food.
  3. Eat to eat more fruits and vegetables, they will replace high-calorie foods .There should be more protein and fiber, they are digested most slowly, and then pulled the next meal.
  4. drink less, faster grow thin .But to die of thirst is not necessary.Drink only when you really want to do this.
  5. Review the process of eating.Beautifully Set the table with products cut into small pieces (visually, they create a larger volume of the plate). And most importantly do not rush .Come out from behind the table with a slight feeling of hunger.Saturation accounted for only 15-20 minutes.
  6. more you walk, give up the elevator .Do short exercises in the morning, it does not take much of your time, but cheerfulness and good humor increased.
  7. Yet the most important thing in any kind of weight loss - it is the result of an emotional disposition to . Love yourself!

Sample menu diet without starving

Menu diet without starving

morning. Once you wake up, drink a glass of water (optional).Go out and get some fresh air at least 5 minutes, that would saturate the body with oxygen and wake up.Take a shower, wash, do exercises.

  • Breakfast eat any of the juicy fruit.It can be any citrus, pineapple, apple possible.
  • At lunch you can eat anything more satisfying.But remember that more than half of the total volume of your plate should always be green and fresh vegetables.And the other half may take, for example, stewed fish and rice (preferably brown).
  • For dinner you can eat any vegetable salad, which you can add nuts or sprouts.

Eating so on diet without starving , you can easily lose weight and significantly heal your body .Good luck!

Especially for - Elena

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