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How to tighten the skin and get rid of stretch marks: traditional and folk methods

slimming often associated with greater weight loss.Many diets promise to get rid of extra kilos in a short time.All this is good, but rapid weight loss does not have time to recover the skin becomes dull, sagging, stretch marks appear on it.On the deterioration of the skin affected by diet, with mono-diet the body not getting enough vitamins and minerals so necessary for healthy and beautiful skin.Win challenges to tighten the skin and help get rid of stretch marks practically proven traditional and folk methods.

How to tighten the skin and get rid of stretch marks: traditional and folk methods

most vulnerable parts of the body are: the skin on the abdomen, arms, hips.

But if you read this article, and the problem of sagging skin and other effects of weight loss have not encountered if you just want to have recourse to an effective diet, you should say a word about preventive measures.

How to keep skin tone body

  • lose kilos should gradually to avoid sudden weight loss.Fast diet rarely allows you to save the result, kilograms are returned, except during rapid weight loss the s
    kin condition worsens.To the skin did not undergo harmful changes need to lose weight for 2 - 3 kilograms per month.
  • not practice unbalanced diet.If you want to lose weight and keep the body beautiful, you need to eat rationally.Eat a healthy diet , do not overeat.After the sudden weight loss is primarily the body loses water, and then the muscles, but the supply of nutrients the body pays the least.
  • Sports help reduce kilos more efficiently and keep the skin in good shape.Physical activity should be systematic.The secret to playing sports?Strength training promotes blood flow to the muscles and skin, which means that skin cells get collagen and vitamins.Strength training alternate exercise and rest, the blood flow, it leaves the work area - a kind of massage the skin.Also during exercise accelerated metabolism, which speeds up the tightening of problem zones.
  • 'll have to take the time to special cosmetic and salon treatment to help prevent the appearance of stretch marks and tighten the skin.

All these measures are effective not only as a preventive but also therapeutic.They need to practice during and after weight loss.

How to tighten skin after weight loss

How to tighten the skin and get rid of stretch marks: traditional and folk methods

  1. Sports .When theorize too late and lost skin tone to begin to athletic, they are much more effective.Within a month, you need to work with large weights.
  2. beauty industry is not standing still. hardware cosmetology offers a wide range of treatments for skin tightening and getting rid of stretch marks.Do not think that a visit to the salon requires large investments, many treatments for skin tightening affordable.Another plus beauty treatments that many of them can be carried out independently at home.

How to tighten skin after weight loss with the help of cosmetic procedures

  • seaweed wraps.This procedure causes contractions of the skin, accelerates the inflow of her home kollagena.V easy to make a mask from the algae after taking a bath with sea salt.The same effect has thermotherapy.
  • Regular massage or vacuum.Of course, massage can not replace exercise, but just as they improve blood circulation, the skin recovers faster.There is one note.Most fat can contain a large amount of acid.This is due to the violation of the acid-base balance in the body when there is insufficient eating alkaline foods.In this case, the excess acid in the blood comes out of it in the muscle, followed by the fat, as the fat is battery acid in the body.If the body is acidified, the massage will provoke acid gets into the blood, and then massage the person will feel tired.If it does must resort to alkaline diet.To learn self-massage manual hand massage, you can purchase elektricheskiymassazher.But it is better not to use massage vacuum jar, they often worsen the skin condition.A good effect has plucked massage.Any manipulation of the abdomen should be done in a clockwise direction.Tweaks problem areas have to do to skin redness.Honey massage is also effective.Honey rubbed into the skin, good to combine these treatments with steaming of the skin in the sauna or bath.
  • Firming cream.The skin is saturated with moisture, which it takes from the cream.However, after some time the moisture away from the body.Satiate the skin from the inside will massage applicator Kuznetsova .For massage problem areas better to use a roller or mnogoigolyachaty multineedle hammer.Manipulation of the applicator not only help tighten the skin, but also to deal with cellulite .
  • Peeling nice to combine with aromatherapy.Such procedures not only to tighten the skin, but also uplifting.But peeling necessary to use natural ingredients, which you do not have allergies.For these purposes fit scrubs, which are based can be coffee, sea salt, ground peach pits.You can mix the shower gel with sugar.Since the skin surface and remove impurities and dead cells, skin condition improved.

  • Tan.Tanned skin looks more attractive and stretch marks less noticeable.But it is important to help retain moisture the skin, and tanning practiced as an additional measure to bring the skin in order.
  • skin condition affects poor diet , so the set of measures for skin tightening should include products that improve the intestinal flora.Include in your diet prebiotics - is kefir, sour milk, saltwater fish, liver, cereals, herbs, vegetables and fruits, vegetable oil.Seafood and quail and chicken eggs contain zinc, needed for healthy skin.Drink plenty of fluids, preferably up to 2 liters of water a day, but in the heat of up to 3 liters.
  • Douches - perfect remedy for skin tightening.Practice this procedure at least ten minutes den.Razotrite problem areas of natural wool.Douches normalizes blood circulation, charge you with positive energy for the whole day.Wait 2 - 3 minutes under a hot shower, and then a minute under the cold.Cold water should be as cold as it can sustain your skin.The cycle should be repeated several times at once soul.Good help tighten the skin hot tubs.But it is not recommended to take them if there is a gynecological problem.If all is well, then take a hot vanny2 times a week, is added to the water extracts of chamomile and other herbs.

Another problem that plagues many women after weight loss or after delivery are stretching .Stretching - it scars on the skin.Their causes hormonal, so they often occur during puberty, pregnancy.But not rarely stretch accompany women who are rapidly losing and gaining weight.The skin does not have time to regenerate.Symptomatic appearance of stretch marks can be itchy.Drastic measures to get rid of stretch marks - with the help of surgery, but there are no less effective and painless way to fight stretch marks.

must understand that during puberty, pregnancy and diet need to take care of your skin, eat right, take a bath with pine extract, but what if there were already stretching.We must start disaster recovery skin.

Methods of dealing with stretch marks on telei sagging skin are very similar, because the processes are designed to enable the recovery of the skin.

How to get rid of stretch marks after giving birth and losing weight

completely get rid of the only fresh bright purple stretch marks, chronic belyerastyazhki can only be reduced in size and make them less noticeable.

  1. massage with essential oils.It can be used to massage the problem areas a mixture of vegetable oil and sugar.After these procedures nurture skin cream for stretch marks.
  2. You can cook the cream of aloe and dandelions.Grind in a blender 100 grams.dandelion leaves, aloe leaves and 1/3 cup olive oil.Bring mixture until creamy, adding a oatmeal.
  3. cream of the mummy: 4 c.mummy dissolve in boiling water, mix with a children's cream or cellulite, stretch marks put on once a day, store in the refrigerator.
  • Massage problem zones or manual vacuum using essential oils containing vitamin E.
  • Any cream will effectively if applied to the half-hour skin cream greased plastic wrap and lie under a blanket.After the procedure to wash off the remnants of the cream with warm water.
  • Hardware cosmetology has in its arsenal: microdermabrasion, mesotherapy, in extreme cases abdominoplatiku.But all these procedures are costly, so prevention is much preferable to treatment.

How to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

  • Wear supportive underwear;
  • Take contrast shower and rub the skin with a towel;
  • Rub the breast with lemon juice and olive oil;Use
  • cream containing collagen and elastin.

tighten skin after weight loss or childbirth, to get rid of stretch marks on the body to help the tenacity and the right to follow all the recommendations of the complex.It is important that proper diet, sports and care for your skin become constant companions of your life.

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