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Exercises for the chest.

size and shape of the breast to a greater extent are caused by genetic factors, namely - are inherited.Therefore, to radically change the chest can only be a surgeon.

But make breasts more taut and toned, you can not one way.Someone like cosmetic wipes, use of medical creams and even visits to the masseur, but the best result is achieved by exercise.

How to increase the chest exercises?

Exercises for the chest

  1. exercises for the chest can be performed with a different goal, a woman would like to increase your bust size at least, and the other - just to improve her form.It should immediately make a reservation. Increase or pull the breast is impossible, since they do not have the muscle and can not be korrektirovke.Tem least, female breast consists not only of the mammary glands, but also from the chest muscles, and on which to work. It actually increase, tighten, adjust the relief of chest muscles.This, in turn, lift the breasts and increase its volume as a whole, making the shape of the bust more effectively.
  2. Another important point regarding the breast augmentation.The muscles of the chest is quite strong and big, and to achieve their growth and, accordingly, breast augmentation, you should make yourself a serious lesson plan.Indeed, many women often think that making a couple of exercise a week, they will be able to achieve the desired results.In this case, you will be able to maintain a tone of breasts, but not to increase its volume.Therefore, if you are determined to increase breast exercises, get ready for a serious stress.
  3. proper training can be identified by soreness the next day after school.Of course, these feelings should not be so strong that it was impossible to do the usual traffic.The secret is that muscles grow and grow only when the load on them more than usual , easy and pain just says that the exposure was optimal.But do not forget about the rest between workouts, your muscles need to restore 2-3 days.

Exercises for breast growth

breast enlargement exercises are constructed from small to large, that is, on the principle of gradualism.

  • Exercise "East» . Take straight-backed chair and sit on it or stand near the wall.Make sure that the wall was pressed against a flat surface, or will work the back muscles, and we need to work the pectoral muscles.Join her hands in front of chest and push them to the maximum voltage to feel the tension in your chest.Count to ten and move the hands on the 5 cm more, repeat, then again move the palm of 5 cm, etc.until you can hold the palm of your hand.Then shake hands and repeat 2 times.
  • Exercise "Wall» .Stand between the doorway and place your hands on its base.Push forward, try to move the wall for about a minute, then gently lean into the opening, and press down for about a minute.Push on the door jamb with maximum efficiency.
  • Exercise "Wall-2." need not stand in the doorway, and the wall, pressing her palms.You do not need to press not as if you push the car, stand straight.Make exercise 3 times allocated to each of 2 minutes.

Exercises for the chest.

  • Exercise "Skier» .Pick up the dumbbells, well, or in extreme cases the book and follow the movement, as if you are driving on the track with two sticks.Keep your back straight.The legs do not move.And to do this exercise should be slow as possible without throwing dumbbells, feeling how the muscles of the chest.Make 6 times for 3 sets.
  • Exercise "Push-ups." There's probably no need to describe in detail, as many are familiar with this exercise.This is one of the best exercises for the chest.If you are hard to push, carry, is not out of steam.Ideally, the exercise should be made 20 times in 3-4 sets.
  • Exercise "Bench." Perform this exercise at home is difficult, but it can not be neglected, as it is very important for breast augmentation.Lie down on the floor, take a dumbbell in your hands and keep them near the chest.Push your chest muscles and lift the dumbbells up, then lower the right and lift.Make 8 presses for 3 sets.In this case you need to pick up the weight so that lifting dumbbells 7-8 felt a noticeable strain.
  • Exercise "layout." This exercise gives the breasts a gorgeous shape and stretches the muscles.Sit on a chair, keep your back straight, take a dumbbell in your hands and keep them in front of chest, elbows at your sides and bent.Spread the arms as widely as possible to the side 8 times, keeping your elbows on the sides and stretching the muscles.Then lift your elbows on the sides and do the wiring and reduction of arms, hands bent at the elbow at a right angle.Make exercise 12 times for 2 sets.

At the end of a complex of exercises for chest stretching make sure to give your muscles relax and come to normal.A chat hands as well to holding hands on the vertical bar, slightly hang on it, prognuv body, like a cat.

Strength training for women for breast

  • Women who choose not to increase, and the breast pump, make it stronger and more robust, interested in the question of how best to build your workout correctly.Of course, it is best to do these exercises in the gym. If you want to quickly and effectively strengthen the chest muscles, they should work out at different angles.
  • When you exercise, keep in mind the fact that in the muscle fibers go in different directions.So, one part of the fibers in the chest big muscle is diagonally from the middle of the chest to the shoulders, and the other - is located across the chest.That is why to do these exercises in training, where the hands are moving not only forward, but also upward at a certain angle.
  • Home pectoral muscle is shaped like a fan.Some fibers are attached to its mid-sternum.They, along with the clavicular fibers of the deltoid muscle responsible for lifting and turning the hand inside.For the movement of the hands forward and downward responsible group of muscles located on the sternum and upper ribs to the humerus.It can be developed using the bench press on a bench with dumbbells, push-ups are also effective on the ball.
  • Necessary simulators chest is in any fitness club.You will need a simulator for cable traction, fitball and a pair of dumbbells.

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What exercises to enlarge breasts?

Exercises for Breast Firming

If you do not want any increase its chest or pump it, the ideal option would be just to give elasticity and good form.This will help you the following exercises:

  1. Sit on the floor and cross your legs in the lotus position.Hand press the body and bend the elbows, fingers touch the shoulder.Then pull the shoulders back as far as possible, straightening them.After lift the arms and shoulders to his ears.Now direct your shoulders forward and then down.You get the similarity of the circle.Do these circles very slowly, not taking his hands from his shoulders.Then do the exercise at a rapid pace.
  2. similar exercise, but in reverse order.First, lower the shoulders down, then print forward, then up and then back.Make first slowly, then quickly.
  3. also sitting in the lotus position, relax your chest muscles.Relaxed and straight arm lift up, then move it back as far as possible.Try to pull the muscles during this exercise.

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If you regularly perform the exercises for the chest, you can achieve a seductive breast shape and catch yourself admiring male glances.

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