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Exercises to stretch the splits

When you watch on television on a beautiful and flexible athletes who sit on twine, involuntarily admire their tenacity and talent.His head flashed the thought immediately, probably, it is very difficult and dangerous.In fact, learning to sit on the twine can absolutely anyone, if he has no serious health problems.Just someone that requires more time, someone - less, but the main question - motivation.Decide why you need it, because, despite the fact that the ability to sit on twine and even looks wonderful - a very specific skill.

How do the splits?

  • not believe the stupid methods that promise to teach sit on twine week.If by nature you do not have high flexibility, then you expect a long and hard training.Some order, to sit twine takes several years, you can do it, of course, and in a few months if regular workouts.

Exercises to stretch the splits

  • should be understood that in such a case there is no time-frame, and, if so you decide to do the splits, then please be patient.It often happens that a person spends a lot of t
    ime and effort to the development of its flexibility, but eventually throws the case, not noticing the impressive results.This is one of the major errors.It may seem that you are simply wasting your time and do the splits you do not succeed.This period will be at all, but it's worth it to endure, and soon you will definitely see the results of their efforts.
  • When you exercise you will be accompanied by pain, it is usually unpleasant and pulling.Try to ignore this point, think of something good, for example, imagine yourself at sea.This You should not feel sharp pain, if you have some such feelings, stop exercising immediately and rest. Otherwise, you can get a muscle rupture, after which it will be very long time to recover.
  • held the following about a day, but it is very important to follow a regular exercise program.At one training session will be limited to half an hour to an hour, we should not give too heavy load.Exercises are performed slowly and smoothly, avoiding any sudden movements unwary.

Workout for twine

  • Before you sit down on the string, you need to warm up.Without it you can not do the exercises as the muscles have not yet warmed up and you can get hurt or sprain.You can take a short jog before training.If you are constrained by the home, in which especially not run, suit squats or jumping on a skipping rope.

Warm up for the twine

  • There way of warming up for lazy people - a hot tub. immerse the legs and sit for 10-15 minutes so, the hotter the water, the better.Thus, the muscles warm up and stretching will be better to give in.
  • For more carefully prepare the legs to stretch, run kicks in different directions. When you do mahi, keep legs remain straight.You do not need to try to raise the leg as high as possible, as this exercise is to warm up the muscles, rather than stretching.
  • When performing the splits, we are utilized not only muscles but also the joints and ligaments.They also need to stretch.To stretch the hip joint, rotate the leg bent at the knee inwards and outwards.Stifle and mash rotational motions and make the housing rotation. Good help getting up to stretch his legs on toes and lowering , this exercise should be performed about a hundred times.

This workout can be completed and begin exercises that will help you, as a result, the splits.

Stretching for twine for beginners

exercises twine for beginners and exercises for those who already have a certain margin of flexibility, do not differ.The main thing - to follow some recommendations.

  • beginners in this case is better to engage in a banner evening.The fact that the day the muscles, so to speak, "expenses" and are more susceptible to stress.In the morning, on the contrary, the muscles shrink and become "oak."Ideally, you can do in the morning warm-up and light a little without the slightest strain to pull a muscle.

Warm up for the twine

  • Beginners should definitely do the workout.Moreover, the better you will be kneaded, the better you will be prepared to sit on the twine.Preheat the body acquires plasticity and flexibility, which is so necessary for the twine.Take the time to warm-up, it must go at least 20 minutes, and you can spend all 40. Of course, athletes and those who have been trying to get enough twine 10-15 minutes to warm up.
  • important to regularly exercise.If you really want to succeed in stretching the legs, is engaged constantly and without omissions.Beginners often drop the case after the first lessons of pain in the muscles.And in vain, just be patient.In general, exercise the splits - it is such a wonderful exercise that you can do even at home, combine this with watching your favorite show.Spend at least half an hour of exercise a day, and if time permits, you can do even half an hour, and within a month will see the results.
  • Another important rule for beginners - it gradually.No need to hurry up and struggled to pull a muscle.Sudden severe pain should not be, stretch carefully, in small doses increasing the load.When you exercise, try to relax the muscles, so much easier to reach.
  • Also, always make sure equipment performance: do not bend your knees, keep your back always straight and joints do not load excessively.

exercises for stretching legs

  • very well help the splits attacks .Bend one leg at the knee and thrust forward, straighten and move second ago.Keep your back straight.On each leg make twenty or thirty springy swaying up and down.You can then complicate this exercise, straighten the front leg and pushing back away.
  • Rolls .Arrange the legs as wide as possible, sit down on one leg and the other holding the line and length.The housing also keep straight.Smooth movements make rolls from one foot to the other while holding the pelvis to the floor.You need to roll so that the basin was held in almost the same parallel with the floor and not went through a steep arc.Repeat the exercise 30 times.

Exercises to stretch the splits Exercises to stretch the splits

  • Butterfly .Exercise is sitting on floor with knees divorced in hand, feet are brought together at the same time.Follow springy motion, put his hands on his feet, and try to get your knees to the floor.Repeat 30 times.Then clasp hands and feet as much as possible push to him the body.Hold this position for 15-20 seconds, then return to the original position.Make delayed twice.
  • slopes .Sitting on the floor, stretch your legs and bring together, pull up socks.Feet clasp hands and push the chest to the knees.The legs do not bend!Hold this position as long as possible.Repeat 3 times.
  • Take the twine as you allow stretching .Strong squeeze feet, if you're trying to climb.This exercise is best done on the linoleum floor or in woolen socks.10 seconds tighten your legs, then relax for 5 seconds.Do this exercise as long as feel that the muscles can still reach.Then take the cords and linger in the lowest position for a moment, you can.Gently jiggle up and down, so the legs will disperse more widely.

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By following these recommendations, you are sure to learn how to sit on the twine.Maybe it will not happen so quickly, but if you set a goal to go to the end!

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