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Cardamom for weight loss

The desire to lose weight for a lot of women are ready, they can starve yourself to torture in the gym, drinking a variety of drugs and dietary supplements use traditional methods.But among the vast number of useless and sometimes - dangerous for the health of ways, there are some weight loss which is not only safe, but also nice.

One of these ways is losing weight with the help of cardamom. This popular spice with the romantic name "grains of paradise", in addition to its healing properties, also effectively treats overweight.

Cardamom for weight loss

healing properties of cardamom

Cardamom - is a tropical plant that grows in India, it has a pungent and spicy taste.Cardamom distinguished himself as an excellent antiseptic, so it is recommended to chew on for inflammation of the oral cavity.It is perfectly freshens breath and helps get rid of nausea.

Cardamom is able to eliminate colds, diseases of the genitourinary system, fever.Also, the aroma of cardamom enhances brain activity and helps to get rid of a headac

he.This wonderful spice is not in vain in the East served with coffee, because it neutralizes the harmful effects of caffeine on the body .To all reason - cardamom, still considered a powerful aphrodisiac.

The healing properties of cardamom

How does Cardamom for weight loss?

due Cardamom essential oils contained in it, is one of the best stimulant of the digestive system , he removes from the body toxins, which is very important for weight loss.

also cardamom stimulates and enhances many times the metabolic processes in the body , which means that when it is used calories consumed much faster and fats are burned more efficiently .Cardamom perfectly helps with constipation.

How to choose Cardamom for weight loss?

to this wonderful spice struggled with excess weight, it is necessary to choose the right.Cardamom for these purposes should buy only integer , rather than as a powder.Boxes should be tightly closed and have a bright and uniform green color.If boxes parted, then he vanished from essential oils and all the nutrients that help the process of losing weight.

How to choose a diet cardamom?

package that stores cardamom, must be kept tightly closed.

How to use cardamom for weight loss?

Cardamom - a very concentrated spice, has a pronounced flavor and aroma, so the application is very important to know when to stop.If you add too much can spoil food or drink.

Cardamom beans can be added to food , especially if it is very fat or calories.Coffee lovers can add freshly ground grains of cardamom coffee - over a quarter of a teaspoon to a cup of coffee.The tea was added at the same dosage.If we add to the beverage also cinnamon, it will be doubly useful as cinnamon lowers blood glucose levels, which is especially important for patients with diabetes.

How to choose a diet cardamom?

If you like cardamom in a pure form, chew a few grains for half an hour before meals.This will significantly improve the digestive process.For one time it should not take more than 5-7 seeds.

tea with cardamom slimming

  • There are several recipes for tea with cardamom, the easiest - this brew a teaspoon cardamom seeds in a cup of boiling water and leave for 10-15 minutes.Take this drink should be half an hour before meals for no longer than 14 days.If at this time to stick to a healthy diet and avoid alcohol, the results did not take long to wait.
  • Another option - it green tea with spices .In a small thermos need to make a half teaspoon of cardamom and a tablespoon of green tea.Leave to infuse for a drink all night.In the morning take as regular tea, ie,diluting it with water.Take a half hour before meals, food drink they can not.To get the result you need to drink a day at least 4 cups of the drink.

Tea with cardamom slimming

  • To enhance the effect of cardamom, you can make it with ginger. To do this, take half a teaspoon minced ginger, cardamom seeds, a few leaves of fresh mint and a tablespoon of tea, "hibiscus" and green tea and pour 300 ml of boiling water.Brew the tea should be in a thermos and leave to infuse overnight.Take tincture before each meal, for this you need to take about 17 ml of tea and dilute it with hot water.
  • next drink recipe, a little unusual to its taste properties, but it is very effectively burns fat and increases metabolism .In one large cup of this drink, we need 4 seed cardamom, cloves 3, 4 peas black pepper, 1/2 ch. L.without gorochki ginger and cinnamon.All spices should be crushed, folded into a saucepan and pour 300 ml of boiling water.Cook over low heat for 20 minutes.Before you turn off the gas, add a pinch of black tea and a little milk.Once the mixture has cooled a bit - put the honey to taste.

Tea with cardamom slimming

Cardamom: contraindications

Unfortunately, such a wonderful spice can be used not for everyone. Cardamom contraindicated for pregnant women, nursing mothers, people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and duodenum, gastritis and stomach ulcers.Another contraindication is the idiosyncrasy and the propensity to allergic reactions.

Cardamom: contraindications

Cardamom - is not only a wonderful spice, enrich our dishes, it also helps fight obesity. Cardamom improves metabolism and clears the body of toxins and wastes . Expense of spicy taste and rich aroma, muted craving for sweets. Through enhanced the production of digestive juices, food is absorbed better, and you will load much smaller portions than usual.

The benefits of cardamom Cardamom read the article: useful properties and applications.

However, it is understood that cardamom helps to lose weight only if you change your eating habits and start correct and balanced feeding.Then you will not only see the coveted number on the scale, but also notice how to improve your health and appearance.

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