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Exercises on fitball slimming

If you have a home yet feetball, then be sure to buy it.After a while, all your family members will keep fighting for it.Even sitting at the TV, you can put the ball in the feet, and you will feel easy after a hard day's work.But the main mission is to help feetball in losing weight, as do effective exercises on the ball is simple and fun.

Exercises on fitball slimming

What fitball?

invented this unique sports equipment in Switzerland in 1960.Initially fitball used for medical purposes.Experts note that classes on the ball are safe and effective.But later they began to use the fitness coaches fitball in combination with other effective simulators, to diversify training.Later, we have developed special exercises for all muscle groups for employment on the ball.Today fitball used for weight loss is not only women but also men, enjoys a great love for deteyudetey fitball.

fitball How to choose?

exercises on the ball to be effective you need to choose the right exercise ball size.To do this, catch the ball, straighten your ba

ck, put his hands behind his back on the ball, feet shoulder width apart, feet should be parallel.Now ask the person next to see.Fitball for you, if you go out 90 ° angle between the body and thighs between the thighs and the lower legs between the legs and feet.

fitball exercises for weight loss

fitball exercises may be in addition to the main exercise program, or you can create a set of classes and deal only with the ball.Due to the fact that when the exercise work includes the maximum amount of muscle burns a lot of calories, so fitball used effectively in the fight against obesity.

How useful exercise on fitball?

  • promotes training of the vestibular apparatus.
  • helps keep the balance.
  • Contribute to the development of motor coordination.
  • actuated, and the major muscle groups and muscle stabilizers.
  • normalizes metabolism.
  • improved microdrivers intervertebral discs.Thereby reducing the load on the spine.

lessons with gymnastic ball virtually no contraindications, even suitable for older people and infants.Engage on the ball can people with more weight (up to 130 kg), those who have suffered injuries, patients with varicose veins.

complex exercise on fitball

Exercises on fitball slimming

Bridge on fitball

should sit on the ball, then move forward so that the ball is under your shoulder blades.The legs should be bent at the knees, the torso should be parallel to the floor.This initial position.We need to lower the pelvis, then straining hips, lift it to its original position.To perform the exercise was easier to keep the blades pressed firmly to the ball.No need to make the hips rise sharply, otherwise you can stretch the lower back.Above the knee is also to raise the pelvis should not be, it can injure the spine.Should not be placed close to feetball legs in this position for the knees will be a big load, and decrease the effectiveness of the exercise.You can complicate the exercise, if you rely only on one foot or the hand-held dumbbells.

turn of the trunk on fitball

To start the exercise, you need to take the starting position "bridge" on fitball.Tolkoruki need to straighten out and connect to the castle.Next you need to, without changing the position of the bent leg parallel to the floor, rotate the torso with straight left and right hands.It is important to keep the balance.To complicate exercise can be, if you hold a dumbbell in your hand.

bracket fitball

This exercise will not only train the muscles, but also learn how to keep balance.On fitball need to put your elbows, forearms in this exercise should be above the elbow, the elbow at a right angle.The legs should be straight, and rely only on the fingers.This position is necessary to strain the muscles of the body rectified and start small rotation.

Exercises on fitball slimming

It is important to keep the balance.

This exercise can be done the other way around.If you place the foot on the ball, and the elbows rest on the floor.The body should be strained and stretched like a string, you need to draw the stomach.

Exercises for abdominal muscles on fitball

need to lie down on the ball so that he was at your waist.Feet shoulder width apart, the knee joint at right angles, hands behind his head as in implementing the provisions of the press.Start doing this exercise you need a shallow trough back.This is followed by muscle strain, press and cut a few seconds to keep the tension, then relax.These twisting is not recommended with weights.

twisting oblique abdominal muscles on fitball

In this exercise, in order to keep the balance, you need a fulcrum.We need to stay near the wall on fitball.Lie on the ball should be sideways, feet should rest against the wall.Hands need to put behind his head, elbows dilute the side.Next, you need something to raise, then lower the body.After several repetitions should lie on the other side.To complicate the exercise, you can do it with weights.

Exercises on fitball slimming

fitball exercises for the legs

necessary to lie on your back, raise your legs slightly bent knees, fix fitball between feet and tilt the foot turns left and right.At the same time it is important that blades and hands fixed on the floor.

From this exercise, you can transfer the ball from the feet up.But the ball is in the initial position to keep the feet, it complicates the exercise.First you need to lie down, stretch the entire body, then lift your legs together with fitball and simultaneously pulling the ball hand, when the feet of the fitball fall into the hands, will have to lower the legs and hands with fitball head.Then repeat the exercise in the opposite direction.

Strengthen chest muscles on fitball

to strengthen the chest muscles can perform push-ups on two fitball.When push-ups on two fitball can be diluted hands, this will help increase the efficiency of the exercise.

exercises back on fitball

For this exercise feet can rest on the wall or to rely on toes.At the ball you need to go belly.To exercise the lower back, hands should cross over his head for a workout upper back can be folded his hands in front of chest.This is followed by the lift, the lower the body.

Exercises on fitball slimming

Complex on fitball not limited to the exercise, it is possible to show imagination and adapt the exercises to struggle with their problem areas.

Get fitball, the ball will help you keep in shape, it is useful during pregnancy.Exercises for pregnant fitball help relieve tension from the lower back.And after the baby is born you will be able to engage on the ball with the baby.

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