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How to remove fat from lyashek?

Look to her figure, and you will find that most flabby fat deposits are located on the upper inner thigh.See they not aesthetically pleasing and gives a woman a lot of discomfort.Remove fat from lyashek very difficult, but first to go under the surgeon's scalpel, try switching to a vigorous healthy lifestyle at least for a couple of months.

Remove fat from lyashek week does not work, so please be patient .The complex of effective exercises, diet menus and beauty treatments can work wonders.

How to remove fat from lyashek?

How to remove fat from lyashek?

During sports you will waste energy and lose weight, but try to send a maximum of efforts to fight the fat deposits on the inner thigh .Perhaps in the volume you will not lose, but do thigh muscle elasticity, and about anything else you can dream.During the lessons drink plenty of fluids.

How to remove fat from the inner thighs: exercises

  • With Dumbbell squats over. If not at home dumbbell, then fill the plastic bottle with water.Be straight, not widely your legs, put a
    dumbbell between your legs.Feet dissolve in different directions, sit down and tilt your pelvis back.It is necessary to raise the dumbbell, straighten up, and then again put into place a dumbbell.To increase the load dumbbell or a bottle does not deliver, and lay on the floor, then the amplitude will increase.Repeat the exercise 15 times.
  • Lunges with dumbbells. Pick up dvuhkilogrammovy dumbbells and start doing lunges.12 repetitions per leg would be sufficient.Lunges strengthen not only the internal part of the thigh, and the press.
  • Lifting legs with weighting. to exercise Lie on the floor on your right side.Straighten the right leg, left bend at the knees and put on the floor in front of the right leg straightened.Pre-put in the right leg weighting, the more weight, the better the effect.Now lift your right leg to the maximum possible height.Watch out for the position of the torso, it is not necessary to bend much.After 10 repetitions turn on your left side and start the exercise with the other leg.
  • rise straight leg lying on its side. This exercise is also to perform better, with the weighting on the working leg.Lie on your right side, straighten your legs, then start to raise his left leg as much as possible with the weighting agent.This is a wonderful exercise in stretching.

How to remove fat from lyashek: exercise

not need to limit ourselves to just these four exercises.Engage in sports walking, swimming, diving, occupy the orbitrek. Perfectly strengthens inner thighs sessions with fitball . You can sit on the floor and place the ball between your legs and start with all his strength to squeeze, trying to bring one foot to the other.The same exercise can be done with foot stool, if you do not doubt their strength.

only perform regular exercise program will lead to the desired result. Pay classes 20 - 40 minutes per day or one hour three times a week, and if you can, then join a gym.

How to remove fat between Lyashko?

Remove fat on Lyashkov at home will help correct diet.

  • Avoid foods with a high glycemic index.
  • not chase quick result, only gradual weight loss is safe for health .With the dramatic weight loss is destroyed not only adipose tissue, but also the muscles over which you so hard labor.
  • Try to include in your diet foods that speed up metabolism.
  • fractional Eat before meals and drink a glass of water.

wrap against cellulite

How to remove fat from lyashek?

  • wrap with apple cider vinegar. 50 ml apple cider vinegar, dilute with 50 ml of essential oil of lemon.Grease massage the inner and outer thighs, wrap cling film for 30 minutes.15 procedures per month will be enough for visible results.
  • Honey wrap with grape juice. 50 ml of fresh grape juice mixed with 2 tspnourishing body cream and 1 tsphoney.Spread the mixture on the hips and Insulate with cling film for half an hour.Spend wrap 2 times a week for a month.
  • beautiful skin on the thighs can make wraps with clay.

Cellulite bath

  • bath with apple cider vinegar .2 tbspbubble bath, mix with 3 tbspvinegar, add 3 tbspcream and 5 - 7 drops of your favorite essential oils for fragrance.Take a bath for 20 - 30 minutes.
  • bath turpentine .After a day in a month make a bath with a solution of turpentine pharmacy herbal.Before diving into the bath lubricate body fat cream.
  • Perfectly improve microcirculation bath with sea salt.

contrast shower and massage with ice against cellulite

If every morning to take a contrast shower, the skin becomes taut.And ice for cryomassage do with herbs, fresh juices, fruits and essential oils.


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Remove fat from lyashek not difficult, the main thing is not to be lazy and take care of the problem areas comprehensively.Sport, proper nutrition and spa treatments have a beneficial effect not only on the thighs, but will change the contours of the body.Good luck in the fight against obesity!

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