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How to remove cellulite from lyashek at home?

Physical inactivity, poor diet, bad habits, stress, bad heredity - are only a few causes of orange peel on the hips.Cellulite is tormented not only obese women suffer from it and thin persons.Most cellulite is formed on Lyashko.You can seek professional help in the spa salons, but domestic measures to combat cellulite is also effective.Remove cellulite with lyashek at home is possible if use tips article.

How to remove cellulite from lyashek at home?

How to remove cellulite from lyashek at home?

get rid of cellulite at home helps a comprehensive program of beauty.The program includes:

  1. correction of the diet for weight loss;
  2. set of exercises to strengthen the muscles;
  3. Cosmetic procedures designed to increase blood flow and lymph circulation.

Cellulite and poor diet

struggle with cellulite should not start abruptly, do not sit on the diets that promise quick weight loss, it is enough to lose 1 - 2 kg per month.One of the causes of orange peel is the shift of acid-base balance.If there are less acidic foods, can improve the quality of

the adipose tissue, they do not cease to be loose.

  • not eat 4 hours before bedtime;
  • Drink at least 1.5 - 2 liters of fluid per day;
  • Reduce portions;
  • Include in the diet more live foods - fresh vegetables, fruits, vegetables;
  • each week to arrange fasting days on the favorite diet products.It could be apples, yogurt or even cucumber.

How to remove cellulite from lyashek at home?

  • excluded from the diet harmful products: Shop-products, preservation, alcohol, soda, cheap instant coffee, harmful additives.

improve digestion, a simple stroke of the abdomen after eating clockwise.Satisfy hunger solution of lemon juice and honey in water.

How to remove cellulite on the legs?

consolidate the results , strengthen muscles in the Lyashkov , make elastic thigh exercises will help.After a deficit of motion provokes the formation of orange peel.

1. do exercises every morning .The rule may seem simple and obvious, but if you jump in the morning on rope , doing stretching exercises, perform deep squats - the muscles in the legs become strong.

2. In the summer you can walk to the river three times a week to spend on swimming a couple hours a day.Remove cellulite on the legs to help cycling.You can do these exercises in the afternoon.

3. In the evening, spread a rug and enjoy a Callanetics, that group exercises aimed at stretching and strengthening the legs.

How to remove cellulite from lyashek at home?

have to understand that to lose fat only Lyashkov fail, by changes in diet and sports you lose weight, but the body starts to lose weight is not the bottom up and top down, Lyashko tend to lose weight in the last turn.Sports need to strengthen the sagging skin after weight loss, and reach the reserve fat help facials .

remove cellulite at home

House can make a real spa salon, buy a beautiful jars, bags and prepare herbal teas, lotions, scrubs of cellulite.Remove cellulite at home will help massage and therapeutic baths.

of cellulite baths

  • Herbal baths for receiving, relax and nourish the skin with plant extracts.Well suited mixture of birch leaves and meadowsweet, but is better suited for anti-cellulite bath lavender, rosemary, horsetail, oregano, thyme and sage.
  • Orange oil is perfect in the fight against cellulite, it can be rubbed into the skin during the Anti-cellulite massage and add to the bath.This feature speeds up the flow of lymph and blood.Otsypte as bubble bath, as it is one skinny, drip into the foam 6 drops of orange oil, stir the foam in water and take a bath quarter of an hour.

How to remove cellulite from lyashek at home?

Massage against cellulite

remove cellulite in the past month to help cellulite massage .Deep massage activates the metabolism in the fatty tissues, relieves congestion of blood and lymph.Suffice it to massage three times a week.7 massages will be enough for visible results.Use massage oil, avocado and wheat germ.

Honey massage cellulite

Honey massage helps remove cellulite with lyashek at home. Mix honey with essential oils of eucalyptus, lemon, lavender.To nutrients honey nourished skin, it is necessary to steam.To do this, type the hot tub one-third, pour in the water 0.5 liters of milk, add 10 - 20 g.rosemary.Take a bath for 20 minutes.Apply honey on your skin, pat alternate with friction massage.Increase the power of pressure, 10 minutes massage the resulting white mass rinse with warm water.To make the skin became resilient honey massage a day for a month.

scrub cellulite

  1. scrub with coffee .Coffee grounds is applied to problem areas, thigh wrapped in cellophane, or insulated by 10 minutes.To feel the results do need to peel 2 weeks.
  2. scrub of sea salt not only cleans the skin, but prevents the formation of toxins.For the manufacture of large scrub using sea salt and vegetable, preferably olive oil.A mixture of massage movements put on the body for a few minutes, leave scrub on your skin, wash it off after a cold shower.Repeat procedure should be every three days, all sessions 10.

How to remove cellulite from lyashek at home?

How to remove cellulite on the pope?

  • Tanned bumpy loose skin will visually look more aesthetically pleasing, therefore, are more frequent in the summer on the beach, and in winter join a solarium.
  • Another cause of cellulite can be excess fluid in the body.A course of treatment diuretics will help bring excess fluid from the body .Broth birch buds - a popular diuretic.500 ml of water - 1 tablespoonbirch buds, welded kidney 15 minutes in a water bath and then infused for 4 hours.The course of treatment 2 weeks.

physiologically female body tend to store fat in the hips, but to avoid the degeneration of fat (another scientific name of cellulite) love your body and take care of him.

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Only an integrated approach to help get rid of cellulite and make hips elastic.Stop smoking, get exercise, go on a healthy fortified food, throw out clothes pins and tight jeans and orange peel visibly reduced.To completely get rid of cellulite at home, you need to spend more than one year.If you have little time, you can resort to a professional salon treatment.

And how do you fight cellulite?

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