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Zumba Fitness for Beginners

If you want to lose weight and enjoy the process, the Zumba Fitness for you.Efficiency dance slimming check for yourself many Hollywood celebrities and domestic, including the number one matchmaker Rosa Syabitova and famous actress Kirtsi Ellie.Can you lose weight in the rhythm of incendiary Latin American music and you.

Zumba Fitness for Beginners

Efficiency Zumba fitness slimming tested on itself over 10 million people.A revolutionary idea was born by accident.

What is Zumba Fitness?

choreographer Alberto Perez accidentally forgot to bring to school specialized drives for aerobics, had to get out of the car the first available drive, since it was impossible to cancel the training.It started incendiary party which will appeal to all to madness.Alberto thought, and decided to create a fantastic Zumba - a mixture of dance and aerobics.Choreographer knows his stuff, because it was he who taught dancing Shakira and Jennifer Lopez.

basis Zumba fitness


Underlying trends are active exercise without fatigue.Zumba - a c

ombination of strength training and dance moves.You dance, calories expended, the mood lifted.This is the kind of emotional fitness.At the heart of Zumba is based not only Latin American dances, light and can be a salsa and a hip-hop, flamenco, jazz and rock and roll.The main component of employment - passion and positive energy.During Zumba you will not repeat the same thing, no boring movements, only the endless dancing and live emotions.

Zumba fitness - reviews

Those who have already achieved the results from practicing this kind of fitness argue that Zumba Fitness is effective in the fight against excess weight.One hour sessions manages to burn about 700 calories.Problem areas are reduced in volume on the eyes.Plus positive energy for the whole day, you'll know that you dance and rejoice life.It should be understood that the Zumba fitness - it is not just chaotic traffic, this acquaintance with these movements of the most popular in the world of dance: Samba, African, bachata merengue.At first it may be difficult, but you will succeed.

Zumba Fitness for Beginners

Zumba Fitness for Beginners

Before you start the course, you need to find a qualified coach.If the first trial lesson you are not impressed, look for another coach.After all, it is important to forget about sports, and just dance and dance.That is why this kind of fitness for those who are just starting to improve your body.Among other things, zumba fitness - it is fashionable.Master the moves may even a beginner will only improve their skills.

result Zumba fitness

  • slim and athletic figure.
  • Fountain of positive emotions.
  • You learn to move gracefully.
  • reward will be to develop a sense of rhythm.
  • work through all the muscle groups.
  • develops flexibility and plasticity.
  • You learn to feel your body.
  • strengthens the heart.
  • improves endurance.
  • strengthens the respiratory system.

zumba fitness for nachinyuschih

Ten years Zumba has conquered the hearts of millions, and she got up to Russia. Zumba Fitness will bring into your life a holiday , which is so lacking in the gray everyday life.

Especially for - Elena

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