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Tabata exercises

bore you daily hours of training in a fitness club, then a set of exercises, "Tabata" to you.After all, in order to achieve the desired results, to lose weight and give your muscles enough to give relief exercises 4 minutes per day .Plus, everyone can choose their exercises to practice according to your taste.

Tabata exercises

What Tabata?

Tabata exercise - is an intensive interval training , alternating anaerobic and aerobic exercise.

system of exercises came to us from the land of the rising sun.A scientist from Japan Izumi Tabata concluded that intensive short-term load more effective than many exercises of medium complexity.But the 4 minute will have to sweat, which means that Tabata will not only make a slim figure, but also to develop endurance.

effective exercises Tabata

4-minute Tabata exercise effective hours of cardio and burn 9 times more fat than aerobic exercise.Studies have shown that improved performance could not only beginners, but also trained athletes.Exercise will strengthen the heart,

increase the speed and anaerobic capacity.But to achieve the result, you need to force your body to work at full capacity.

When performing many of the exercises of the complex, it is necessary to hold their breath, whereby the energy source in the body becomes the blood sugar.But do exercise at one go is impossible.Therefore, you start breathing quickened, the body receives a lot of oxygen, which begins to oxidize fat.The energy from the burning of fat, gives strength to perform further exercises. Rapid breathing leads to the acceleration of metabolic processes. After training the body continues to burn fat.But only a complete fatigue after exercise is a guarantee of its effectiveness.

principle exercises Tabata

Tabata exercises

for a set interval of the maximum load should be alternated with instant relaxation.For 20 seconds, you need to use all the power that is in the body.Doing push-ups, sit-ups, exercises to strengthen the weighting, it should be after 10 seconds of complete relaxation.And in this interval is necessary to achieve complete relaxation, can not communicate with friends, to drink water, we must remember the purpose of the training.

After a rest cycles should be continued for 4 minutes they will be 8. With the right exercises, just after 4 minutes you'll feel exhausted.

important each time to increase the amount of exercise per cycle .For example, starting the exercises for the upper body in the first 20 seconds, you do 5 push-ups, and in the past have not been able, and two, the difference between the number of exercises is 3 - is progress.The next time you try to make the first approach, 8 push-ups.

Tabata exercise

in such a short time, it is important to involve all muscle groups, and the maximum number of muscle fibers, so include a set you need only the most effective exercises .During one cycle of 20 seconds train upper torso next lower cycle.Choose those exercises that for you is not technically difficult to perform, to avoid injury, sprain.

  • high jump.Knees in this exercise should be lifted to its maximum height.
  • «Fell-wring out" - a sharp drop in and push-ups.
  • Press with weighting, including obliques.
  • Use an exercise bike at the maximum speed or the treadmill.
  • rise torso from a prone position.Exercise strengthens the muscles of the back.
  • pullups.
  • can lie on the floor, not omitting the legs, hit the imaginary enemy.
  • squat with dumbbells in his hands.

Tabata exercises

front of the complex requires a warm-up exercise, it will help prepare muscles for intensive load, it can be running in place.When do stretching exercises.For better results, it is possible to make several approaches to 4 minutes.Type of exercise depends on the venue of the training.Buy a home dumbbell, and if you have exercise equipment, you finally will be able to use them for other purposes.

Tabata for beginners

should not be abruptly begin intensive training.Is drawn into the process gradually, two weeks training will not be enough. Eventually it simple exercises and increase the speed of their implementation. And after a month of intensive training will be noticeable results.

Before this set of exercises, you need to check your health, if the body is ready for such a high load.Consultation with a doctor, exercises are contraindicated in cardiovascular diseases.

Tabata Exercises - one of the best programs to combat obesity.

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