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Modeling figure.

Is it possible to lose weight in a separate location? This issue concerns many women because the female figure has a different aspect ratio, one would like to reduce the volume of the thighs, and the other the size of the shoulder girdle.

In most cases the loss of kilograms is uniform throughout the body.Deceive the body is almost impossible, because where to store fat and how to consume the body decides for himself.

figure modeling can be carried out with the help of exercise, but it is important that the figure has been spared the extra kilos, or instead of the desired result was obtained pumped muscles under a thick layer of fat, and thus problematic area will be even moreincreased in volume.

Subcutaneous fat, located on top of the muscle is not attached it is for this muscle, it belongs to the whole body.Increasing the burden on certain muscle groups can reduce the weight of intramuscular fat and to get rid of fatty tissue on top of the muscles you need to use traditional methods of weight

loss: diet, fasting, exercise, intense walking.

Local slimming

However, if the global weight loss itself is not included in your plans, modeling of small figures in parts of the body is still possible.So, how to do it:

  • Increase the rate of decomposition of fat tissue helps myostimulation locally, which increases the blood flow to certain areas, and thus accelerates the decomposition of fat.
  • At home, you can use the blood vessels if the rock press more than once a day for an hour, and several times during the day for 10 minutes.This will increase blood flow and accelerate local slimming.But the result will be noticeable immediately.Also in this method, the load must be increased, or the body becomes accustomed to the amount of exercise, and weight reduction becomes less noticeable.

How to solve the problem with losing weight breasts and thighs?

How to solve the problem with losing weight breasts and thighs?

particularly sensitive to a reduction in breast size in women with weight loss, it is not accidental that an important part of the breast fat accumulation.

The decrease in breast and buttock goes most intensively for weight loss, because in these area more fat than muscle, so it is important to figure modeling to combine cardio exercise with force, contributing to an increase in muscle mass.

to figure modeling extremely important exercise.This is especially true for women after 25 years, whereas the body is set to accumulation of adipose tissue, because he believes that the fat needs a woman for procreation.Slimming this time is less intense and during exercise burns not only the adipose tissue, but also muscle.

How to lose weight in the upper body?How to lose weight in the upper body?

Not all women fit into publicized ideals of female figure with nice hips and waist released, many women have shaped figure "apple."In this case, the shoulders wider hips, hands full, causing weight complexes.How to solve this problem?It is important to go on a diet , and you need to lose weight properly.Once planned to get rid of extra kilos you need to do modeling figures in the gym or at home, pay special attention to the formation of the waist and inflation of buttocks to visually closer to the ideal proportions of the figure.

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