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Squats for the buttocks

If you want to have a resilient, beautiful buttocks, it must be included in the set of exercises - squats.But do not think that the school squats lead to the desired result, only special exercises will help to give the attractiveness and tone the buttocks.

squats for buttocks

correct squats for buttocks

If the exercises are performed correctly, they involve different types of muscles: quadriceps, hip adductors, gluteus maximus, soleus .Distribute the load caviar muscles and hamstrings.

How do squats correctly?

  • to increase the load and do sit-ups more effective, you need to squat deep.Only deep squats will make your ass firm.
  • If you do squats to the buttocks, it is possible to strengthen the muscles of the back, arms and even the press.This approach will help maintain body toned .
  • not to injure during the exercise, you need to squat preceded workout.
  • If you are not physically prepared for the exercises with a heavy load, the better to start with a small number of sit-ups and depth , gradually increasing the load.
  • necessary to combine rapid squats slow.

squats for buttocks

squats to increase the buttocks

squats to increase the buttocks to be performed correctly.

  • Become straight, put the feet are not much wider than shoulders.
  • Start slowly descend, the main burden should come on the heels, buttocks should be possible to retract.We must look hip invisible chair.Strain muscles.
  • Squat to a depth of 90 degrees.After reaching a 90-degree angle, start to straighten out.
  • additional effect will give a static, with every fourth approach, it is necessary to stay in the squat position for 40 seconds.You can start with 20 seconds.The active growth of muscles will contribute an additional burden. After you retract into the process, you can perform the exercise with the weighting .If no load for one approach to be done 40 - 50 squats with dumbbells is better to stay at 15 - 30. During the day to do 2 - 3 sets.

squats for buttocks

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Squats slimming

  1. squat jump .Take the starting position for the squat, only straighten your arms in front of him.Sit down and make a jump up, pushing off from the ground, pulling up your hands over your head.Return to starting position.
  2. plie squats .You can perform squats in an unusual way.This exercise uses a ballerina during workouts.It is necessary to arrange the legs as widely as possible, socks expand in different directions and start gently deep squat.
  3. squat against the wall .This exercise will reduce the unnecessary burden.Become a wall, leaning against the wall and his head back and start squatting to 90 degrees, without taking away from the wall body and head.Fix the body for a few seconds in this position and return to the starting position.
  4. squat thrusts .Be straight, one leg pull back and start to perform crouching forward.Drops to 90 degrees.

squats for buttocks

Squats for the buttocks - reviews

Squats for the buttocks help fight cellulite . For maximum effect, you need to apply anti-cellulite cream to squat and put on anti-cellulite shorts .

Start doing the exercises in the spring for the beach season to look perfect.

Squats are effective exercises to figure modeling.But we must remember that if you have joint problems, it is better not to do sit-ups.

When you exercise, try to maintain an angle of 90 degrees.Acute angle will not be effective for weight loss and the acquisition of the desired shape, but may be travmaopasnym for joints.

To better grasp the lessons learned, Recommend "squats for buttocks - the video."

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