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Meditation for weight loss.

There is a well-known fact to most people - thoughts tend to materialize.It can also be used in the fight against excess weight.What could be better than losing weight, meditation?

Thinking and slimming

The first thing to understand his motivation.Decide why you want to lose weight.What do you get?Why do you need it?And motivate yourself.Promise yourself something inaccessible to you now.Help define help tips articles Collection motivation for weight loss.

Take the final decision.Decide for yourself what you definitely need lose weight once and for all !

Place for myself clear, but the real purpose.Do not set out to lose weight right at the fifty kilograms.You very quickly disappointed, and all the cast.Put small targets, such as: "This month, I will cast 5 kg!".Be sure to abide in a positive frame of mind.After all, if you're initially set up to fail, your venture expects to complete collapse.

Terms meditation slimming

  • are going to start meditating, you have to stay in a relaxed atmosph
    ere where you no one and nothing distracting.Where absolutely nothing annoying, setting a negative way.
  • can meditate slimming in absolute solitude, and can be practiced in a group such as losing weight people like you.One condition - you must be comfortable.If you can not relax completely in the presence of other people, it is best to meditate alone.

  • room in which you are going to meditate, to be well ventilated.The temperature should not be too high or too low - it should remain at the level of your comfort.
  • start meditation should only be on an empty stomach.After the last meal should take at least two hours.
  • not smoke before you start to meditate.And, of course, do not take any alcoholic beverages.
  • During meditation you should be clothes in which you feel comfortable, where you feel comfortable.In no case clothes should not hamper the movement of your body.
  • minimum number of meditation, which is necessary to obtain a result - twice a week.Ideally, of course, meditate daily.However, if you do not want to spend meditation today, do not force yourself - put off for tomorrow.

How to conduct meditation for weight loss?

  • possible to carry out meditation in the morning right after you've spent a little invigorating exercises.
  • Mentally talk with your body.Talk to him about how I enjoy it for what it is beautiful, and how soon it will be even more splendid.Settings can be found in the article Love your body: the method of affirmations.
  • Give your body weight loss in the installation. Imagine yourself slim, with no extra kilos that we have now.Scroll through the idea that you have to lose weight.

  • evening before going to bed, allow your body to lose weight in a dream setting.You'll see if such a setup will be given regularly and with sincere belief in the success of your body is required to listen to you.
  • proved that the blue shades of dull appetite, in addition, they contribute to weight loss.Therefore, in meditation often presents itself surrounded by blue.Cover the bed linen blue.
  • particularly effective meditation slimming during sports activities (so-called active meditation).Your body gets and physical installation on weight loss and emotional, mental.
  • When you meditate, be sure to include a gentle relaxing music.Better yet, if it will be the sounds of nature.

  • Do not scold yourself for every gram eaten.From this you will not become easier, but only will be more want to eat something else.
  • excellent assistant in meditation are aromatic oils and candles.Carefully pick up the desired flavor and surround yourself with them during meditation.For example, it helps to lose weight vanilla (read about it in the article Fragrance vanilla slimming).
  • Spend imaging sessions.Imagine that your extra weight - it's onion peel.Now, imagine that you are slowly but surely is released from this husk.Leaf for leaf, you remove it from your body.This exercise is very effective for weight loss.

In meditation slimming the most important rules that you must adhere to - a belief in yourself and in the mandatory success.Only then you will succeed and you will achieve this goal.And if you are new to meditation and do not know where to start, read about meditation more detail in the article Introduction to meditation.

Good luck to you!

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