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Physical exercise for active aging

Sports useful, but heavy exercise can lead to injuries, exhaustion of vitality, a variety of diseases.Therefore, the exercise should be treated with caution, to keep active until old age.Tips in this article will help to assess the need for exercise and give practical advice on how to exercise to maintain health until old age.

exercise for active aging

Health exercises for active longevity

1. Swing elbows.

This exercise will help offset the costs of going forward, and lack of physical activity.During the exercise you need to simulate a running animal on four legs.If you do this exercise consistently, you can get rid of the stagnation in many internal organs, improving circulation.Easy to do the exercise, given the fact that it is more effective than jogging and standing on his head.


kneel in the middle of the mattress, the fingers of the feet should touch the mattress.At a distance of 40 - 50 cm from the knees put your elbows at shoulder width.The head lies on a mattress on the palms, fingertips should

touch the crown area and the edge of the palm rest a blind eye.The thumbs should touch the muscle age, which can be determined blinked.Body begins to sway back and forth, it is important not to break away from the mattress.Leans forward, linger in that position for a few seconds, then back, detain body in an extreme position for 3 seconds.Breathing should be smooth.Start with 10 exercises, but given the fact that you do not make them difficult, you can gradually increase the amount and the rate of oscillation.On the day you can make 2 - 6 approaches.To make it easier to do the exercises, you can put your elbows under the blanket.After 2 months it is possible to complicate the exercise, while rocking forward, you need to arch your back up and draw the abdomen, while rocking back, you need to bend and breathe.

2. Exercise to eliminate stagnant lymph edema, weakness, arrhythmia.

need to do exercises after awake.No need to climb, help relieve traffic congestion and reduce the pressure of the morning.


Lying on your side, bend your elbows.Upper arm moves back and forth.The chest is compressed, but crushes.In one approach we need to do to 5 swings.But if you do not exercise hard, you can immediately start with more.Continue to breathe freely.

In its program of active lifestyle in dopolneniek exercises can include beg.On very good for your health, but you need to know how to run properly, to maintain the health of joints and spine.

exercise for active aging

Benefits and harms run

jogging aim is to intensify muscles involved in the spine and joints.However, despite the overall improvement of the body and shake lymphatic drainage, inappropriate running can overload the body.Harmful while running to land on the heel, practice a grueling long run, and run in the wrong, uncomfortable shoes.

How to run?

  • main burden should fall on the muscles of the lower leg and foot.
  • begins to run with short distances, gradually increasing the length of runs and their dynamics.Running should be alternated with rest.
  • can not be jogging, if you have problems with the spine, joints, if the work you are very tired.It is not recommended to run older people.

Walking - an alternative to running

And what do older people, if they can not run?In this case, you need to walk.After all, walking can also be used as an exercise.Right, in this case, it is considered a soft gait.

benefits of exercise

To do the exercises consciously, you need to know what the role of physical exercise for health improvement:

  • blood vessels fills more fully;
  • vessels are fully functional;
  • Reduces cholesterol deposits;
  • decreases the risk of developing atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease;
  • better working heart muscle;
  • less likelihood of cancer;
  • improves the mental state of the body;
  • increasing life expectancy and active longevity is guaranteed.

exercise for active aging

To qualify for active longevity, you need to start taking care of your health today.Physical exercise affect longevity, both directly and indirectly.After physical activity - it's not just the road to good health and a slim figure, but also a happy personal life and self-love.

Start thinking about the future right now, because health - is our wealth!

Especially for - Elena

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