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Niacin slimming

Niacin, despite its name is a vitamin, buyout is very important for metabolism, hormonal, nervous system, digestive system.Contained in this acid specific enzyme.A person in need of nicotinic acid, as well as folic example.And if there is a "loss" should be artificially add yourself of essential vitamins.We all drink vitamin complexes for vision, strengthen hair and nails.That should do so BrAZ and nicotinic acid.

How does niacin for weight loss?

Niacin really helps to reduce weight .Of course, it does not burn fat in the truest sense of the word, and helps to speed up metabolism, cholesterol levels, toxins and heavy metals.

Vitamin PP or B3 - niacin, causes the brain to produce serotonin - a hormone good mood .What follows from this?You are always in a good mood, and often without resorting to a refrigerator, enjoying life.If you simplify, it turns out, that the less our brains produce serotonin, the more we want to consume carbohydrates.

Reduce "interest" to carbohydrates and helps us to n

icotinic acid.You can draw an analogy with cigarettes.You probably have seen more than once that the man who gave up smoking sharply recovered.And it's not just psychosomatic, but a lack of vitamin PP.

What has been the lack of niacin?

deficiency of nicotinic acid can be expressed in different ways.One of the phenomena - is the absorption of starchy foods.Sometimes people begin to overeat due to jumps in blood sugar levels, but it's a little different.Although it is in both cases the imbalance leads to overeating, and binge eating, in turn, obesity.As you know, the diet - a bad way to start losing weight.Especially if you do not really know why fullness.Today in any clinic can pass tests to identify the cause and completeness.If it is a lack of certain vitamins and minerals, just provide yourself full course of treatment.

Foods that contain nicotinic acid

To replenish the "reserves" of nicotinic acid, you must either buy a tablet or ampoule and receive a prescription.But not least, stay and foods that contain vitamin PP.To them it is safe to carry potatoes, peas, beans, corn, cabbage, mushrooms, bell peppers, pineapples, tomatoes, buckwheat, rye bread, wheat, peanuts, meat offal, fish, cheese and even brewer's yeast.As you can see for yourself the list of products is large enough, and to arrange a diet is not required.It is better to alternate between "necessary" products and vitamins.Of course, change your daily schedule you do not have, life goes on, but it will have no extra rolls and cheesecakes.A eto- first step towards a healthy harmony.

Contraindications to the use of nicotinic acid

┬źNikotinka" - a drug, wh ich you can buy in a pharmacy without a prescription, but it does not mean that relate to dosage and admission should be careless and inattentive.When zadumetes losing weight - run to the doctor.After the verdict, you can upotreblyayat vitamins in the right amounts.If you have a good friend nutritionist - it's just luck.And if you are not familiar with the good doctor himself, it should be good to look for it.

And yet there are general rules receiving nicotinic acid diet , who should know the girl, to take the drug:

  • consumed daily over 1 g of niacin without medical authorization is not necessary to remember about the side effects.
  • order chtby reduce the weight of each person requires different dozirovaka.This is an average of 100 to 250 ml per day.
  • can not take vitamin at a time, terbium full course of treatment, as agreed with the dietitian.
  • If you have a stomach acidity, vitamins should only be taken after a meal, and they should drink warm milk or mineral water.
  • You may feel a rush of heat and redness of the skin - this is the action of nicotinic acid in the blood vessels.
  • allergic reaction to the drug is not fixed, but during application vitmamina carefully follow health.
  • In acute liver disease, bleeding, liver failure, ulcers or high blood pressure nikotinku used prohibited.

Girls who want to lose weight should not be considered nicotinic acid or other vitamins for weight loss as the only solution.Remember, ladies!If you start to lose weight, then it should be done wisely.What is this?This combination of a few simple rules: proper nutrition, exercise and health aides - they just include nicotinic acid.Hoping that this vitamin greatly deprive you hated kilograms is not necessary.Lose weight should be great, here the emphasis falls on 2 syllable.And only then, when you postroyneete, shear stress will suffer at first!Good luck to all walk on the difficult path of self-improvement!

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