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Herbalife diet - reviews

More recently, on the streets often be found people with the inscription on the sign "Do you want to lose weight?Ask me how! ".These were the distributors of dietary supplements Herbalife.On the Internet you can find, both negative and positive feedback about the products of this international company.For three decades, Herbalife has experienced ups and downs. Consider the pros and cons of Herbalife products for weight loss.

Herbalife diet - reviews

What is Herbalife weight loss?

Gerbalayfosnovana company 30 years ago in the US, produces food substitutes, protein bars, dietary supplements and cosmetics.Herbalife offers a better quality of life for its customers, to become distributors of alternative healthy foods.More recently in the press exaggerated the process, which would recognize the Herbalife pyramid, that is to make money on the sale of dietary supplements may be the only ones who stand at the base of the company, rather than the usual distributors.But more important to understand how the products are helping to

lose weight and improve your body.

Herbalife diet - reviews

positive reviews about Herbalife:

  1. Prolonged use is not addictive.
  2. Many Gerbalayfpomog significantly lose weight - get rid of 15 kg , but only if you reduce your calorie intake and use Herbalife diet shakes instead of one of the meals.
  3. If there is a set of weight loss after cessation of Herbalife, this is explained by a simple gluttony , which happens to people after a prolonged diet and meal replacements are not to blame.
  4. followers try to debunk the myth, arguing that Herbalife - it's not a dietary supplement or sports nutrition is food for cells.Just in Russia this concept is not common, so Herbalife and considered to Badam.
  5. supplements help fight the bad environment.
  6. in favor of Herbalife also says that it is actively spreading in many developed countries, including Japan, and the government will not feed the people in the country of the rising sun with anything.
  7. To think that BAA will harm your health, to exchange application should do an ultrasound of the liver and start taking calcium.
  8. The average weight is reduced by 5 kg per month , it is safe for the body.

But in contrast to the positive reviews, there are negative reviews.

Negative reviews about Herbalife weight loss:

  1. Herbalife is not for everyone, as there are rare cases of ill health during and after receiving dietary supplements.
  2. distribute Herbalife products banned in Sweden.No country in the world does not believe Herbalife medicine.
  3. Many confuse the absence of detailed information about the components of the drug.Plus the lack of full-scale clinical trials.Although in several countries studies have been conducted, the results ascertain the safety of drugs for health.
  4. ProtivopokazanGerbalayf chronic constipation, endocrine diseases and diseases of the digestive tract .

It is with Herbalife began a massive promotion of dietary supplements on the Russian market.The company promises to not only losing weight, but also rejuvenating and cleansing of the body.To Herbalife shakes promoted weight loss, manufacturers recommend using them instead of breakfast and dinner instead .This reduces the amount of calories and weight loss is a natural process, and Herbalife fills the shortage of vitamins and other nutrients.At the same time after consuming a cocktail long the feeling of satiety and performance.

As part of the Herbalife?

known components:

  • Soy protein;
  • Whey protein;
  • Vitamins;
  • Minerals;
  • Fiber;
  • amino acids;
  • calcium caseinate.

Before you decide to use Herbalife, consult with independent experts.

Herbalife diet - advice dietitians

To avoid breakdowns after cessation of the use of Herbalife, nutritionists advise to adhere to the following guidelines.

  1. is necessary not only to count calories, but also to monitor the quality of food.Keep track of your snacks, do not eat in front of TV, eat more healthy food , nikakogofastfuda.
  2. Try to keep their nerves and emotions.Most people are under stress lean on food.
  3. not eat during feasts everything .If you have a limited amount of refrigerated foods, then you are less likely to eat too much.The more choices, the more calories you will consume.And for the holidays, do not aspire to try everything, limit to a few dishes .
  4. not forget breakfast.If you have a good breakfast, you will one day put it to use fewer calories than when you forget your lunch.

Herbalife diet - reviews

Before choosing Herbalife weight loss, think about other equally effective, while cheaper conventional methods of weight loss, the security is not in doubt, such as fasting days.


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