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Protein for weight loss

protein originally began to take athletes.They need to as soon as possible build muscle mass.In addition, protein helps to lose weight - it promotes the burning of fat mass in the body.But to taking protein to lose weight, you must comply with certain conditions.

Reception protein diet

  • Since taking protein should be aware that if you drink a protein is not doing active sports, your body weight will only increase!So how will increase muscle mass.Therefore, if you want to lose weight by taking protein, physical activity must be present necessarily.
  • protein can be purchased at pharmacies. But better to take pure protein with no additives or flavorings.In addition, it is not necessary to purchase a protein which is present on the package label "for athletes."

  • Take protein should be about fifty-sixty minutes before you start to exercise.The fact is that when you play sports, your body will need extra energy.When he spends it with excess, the body begins to take energy out of your "fat."A protein
    only contribute to this process.
  • When losing weight is very important to take not only the pure protein.You must eat food containing it.These products include meat, lentils, beans, soybeans and others.The required daily norm of proteins should be divided into two.One part of you will get to the food, the second - with the help of pure protein.
  • Warning: in any case should not be taken with plenty of protein in the diet of carbohydrates .In short, using the protein should refuse sweets and starchy foods.Otherwise, a protein combines with carbohydrates, synthesis of forms, promotes the deposition of fat accumulation!

How to make a protein shake for weight loss?

Some do not like the taste of a commercially available protein , so they prefer to protein shakes.In addition, it is unclear under what conditions made in the production of a protein.A protein shakes can prepare themselves, at home.


  1. Skim milk - 80 g
  2. Protein Powder Vanilla - 2 ch. L.
  3. Peanut or vegetable oil - 1 ch. L.
  4. Lecithin
  5. Flax seed
  6. stevia extract powder - ½ hours. L.


All the ingredients are mixed and diluted with 250 mL of cold water, throw three - four ice cubes and you can drink!

Strawberry protein shake for weight loss

If you do not like the taste of pure protein can be prepared strawberry protein shake .Its taste is much more pleasant to the taste of pure drink.


  1. milk - 2 tbsp.
  2. yogurt - 1 tbsp.
  3. Protein Powder - 2 scoops
  4. Strawberry - 4-5 berries
  5. Ice - 2 dice


Yogurt, milk and protein powder mix and beat with a mixer at low speed.Then add the strawberries and continue beating.At the end, add ice, and you can drink a cocktail!

Banana Honey protein shake for weight loss

Another recipe protein shake for weight loss - with exquisite taste.


  1. Milk - 250 ml
  2. Banana - 1 pc
  3. Yogurt - 100 ml
  4. Honey - 2 ch. L.
  5. Oatmeal - 3 tbsp.l.
  6. Ice Cream - 50 g


All the ingredients are mixed together, and then carefully grind in a blender into a homogeneous mass.For more information about preparing protein shake at home you can read the article Home protein shake.

If you want to lose weight with protein , carefully follow all recommendations.And to somehow diversify the diet, you can every day to cook different protein shakes.

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appetizing you lose weight!

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