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A set of exercises for weight loss: the baby to help

women after childbirth difficult to regain old form, all the time have to deal with the baby, but it does not matter, to do exercises to lose weight with your child.

A set of exercises for weight loss: the baby to help

joint exercises good excuse to maintain her figure in perfect shape, plus the mother and the baby have an excellent opportunity to communicate with each other.

Wear tracksuit, includes music and start to exercise.

Consider a set of exercises for weight loss, "the Kid to help."

1. Branches .The preparatory exercise that will help a good stretch the spine and prepare the body for the next exercise.When your pipsqueak is not yet self-sufficient in moving, keep the child in front of a standing or sitting with the baby stretch up, depicting branches in the wind.Kid older can repeat the movement for you.

2. Light warm , which will prepare a crumb to subsequent loads.With the kids need to play aerialists.Toss lead to the delight of children and mothers train arm muscles.You can play funny monkeys, ask your child to show how they h

ave fun, fun to jump with the baby, waving his hands.

A set of exercises for weight loss: the baby to help

3. Kangaroo .In this exercise you have to work more than my mother.Take the baby in his arms, hold it at chest facing forward, put his feet shoulder-width apart, toes expand in hand, start shallow crouch, tensing abdominal muscles and buttocks.Repeat 8 - 10 times.This exercise strengthens the muscles of the legs.

4. Aistenok. Keeping baby in front of him, bend one leg and put her foot on the inner thighs the other leg, exhale strongly tighten stomach and buttocks.Initially, this exercise perform better standing against the wall.It is very useful for abdominal muscles and buttocks.

5. Exercise horse - good load on my mother's legs, exercise all muscle groups, and for remains a fun game in which everyone feels great.Sitting on a chair, put one foot to the other, and set not her baby.Straining the front of the thigh, lift the child up and then lower down, depicting a horse.

6. Fun Slides. mother lying on the floor with legs bent at the knees, the baby settles on her abdomen to heighten the burden for her.Rising up baby, mother cuts the lower part of the press and hamstring, raises and lowers the baby, like a roller coaster ride.You can complicate the exercise by lifting your feet up.

7. Airplane. mother is lying on your back with knees bent legs puts the baby on your hip and support the handle, on exhalation rises head and shoulders, knees pulled up to his chest.A good exercise to strengthen the abdominal muscles.


8. Kids love acrobatics , they help to strengthen the muscles in the arms of their mothers.Take the baby for a pen, bend your elbows and lift the baby up.

9. Who will .In this exercise, you can measure their strength and play tug.For this fit any toy, you take it with one hand, and the other kid and competitions begin.This exercise develops the muscles of the arms and back.

10. kiss .My mother lies on her back, the baby is arranged at the bottom of her feet, and then my mother and the baby starts to pull toward each other, exchanging little kisses.These exercises strengthen the back.

11. Counterweight .Lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees, lift your baby on an outstretched hand, rotate hips to the left and right, and tilt the baby in the opposite direction.The baby was still interested in doing exercise, smile and talk to him, it is important to note crumbs mother.

12. Leopard terrible animal, but when this role is played by my mother, nothing prevents the kid to ride a beast, while mom, arching, trains the muscles of the back - pipsqueak learning to balance.If you wish, you can exercise a little harder, in turn raising the legs.

13. Relaxation.Lie on the floor and stretch.

Mom and baby are resting

set of exercises with the baby help during maternity leave, keep your figure in shape.

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