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Intensive walking for weight loss is better for fast run

To lose weight, diet alone is not enough, it is important to choose proper exercise.Employment in the gym there is an effective alternative - a system of exercises callanetics.A daily jogging can be easily replaced intense walking.

Intensive walking for weight loss is better for fast run

Intensive walking for weight loss - fast running better, is scientifically proved fact.Many women require an effort to force myself to run in the mornings, running tires, resulting in fatigue, lethargy throughout the day.Of course, someone to run a joy, but for most people intensive walking more acceptable and effective form of exercise for weight loss.

How not to hurt yourself?Terms of intense walking

start to be involved in the process of intensive need to walk slowly , every day increasing the time and distance.Over-zealous attitude can lead to injuries of ligaments, tendons, muscles stretching and occlusion.

need to walk quickly, but try to passers-by did not look at you as a weirdo, you just somewhere in a hurry.The process of intense walking should b

ring you pleasure.

If you are not running away from home, the start walk to work, or get out of the vehicle for a few stops early . Intensive walking in the morning is more effective for weight loss. Only time designed so not to be late for work.Should spend time not only for the benefit of the figures, but also for the mind, upload audio books to the player, then the walk will pass unnoticed.

Stop using the elevator, go up the stairs on foot.

the day of intensive walking is necessary to take at least half an hour .The rate, which should be dialed is 6 km / h.At this rate, the calories will be burned with excess weight.

Intensive walking for weight loss is better for fast run

Build plans for the evening and on weekends.In the evening, take a stroll through the parks and squares, and weekend organize yourself a few hour hike. can take your camera and learn during an intensive walk his beloved city.But before such a long hike to do a warm-up, and after exercise on muscle relaxation.In just a few months, you know the city and its surroundings better than ever lived life.Just bring along a path in the water and a snack.

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Whenever an opportunity will appear, go quickly.

Intensive walking during the day is more effective for weight loss than the "shock jogging."