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How to achieve the perfect figure?

achieve the ideal figure by using the correct power supply, but it is not everything. To maintain a perfect figure, you need to lead an active lifestyle and the right in general.

Physical activity on the way to the ideal figure

If the extra weight you do not leave, despite the fact that you observe the correct diet, then your energy costs significantly less calories.Only one way out - fill your life physical activity. Not necessarily for that toil in the gym, start small.Try jogging in the morning or get home of the elevator, as usual, but on foot, on the way home from work leave for one or two stops early and walk, in general, the options how to increase their physical activity set.

But if you're not going to stop there and not just want to throw a couple of kilos, and fashion from the figure of perfection, then you are waiting for regular workouts. Exercise can be in the gym, at home, the main thing to observe certain rules :

  • start training slowly at first, you will be a bit strange and d
    ifficult, but after a month you will already easily do the exercises that are done before.Pay more attention to the problematic parts of the body, and do not forget about aerobic exercise - run or cycling.
  • also in the gym, be careful with large weights, you do need to throw off the excess weight and to give relief of figure, and not gain muscle mass.Optimally will deal with medium weights, doing 10-12 repetitions 3-4 sets.Comfortable weight lifting for your body, you can easily determine if after class you feel a slight tension, and symptoms such as dizziness, pain in the waist and head too much talk about weight.
  • muscles after exercise is absolutely necessary rest and relaxation, usually it takes from thirty to seventy hours, so the optimal number of lessons per week - two or three times.
  • The ideal workout for variety at least once a week should be replaced by dancing or swimming pool, but if you have time, you can do this in addition to their basic training time.There is no financial capacity to visit the gym and dance sections?Purchase a CD with the right training program or get a video on the Internet and takes home in his spare time.

role of a healthy lifestyle on the road to the ideal figure

Proper diet and exercise is certainly important, but no less important in achieving the ideal figure a way of life in general. Give up smoking and alcohol, and all metabolic processes in your body will pass more quickly, you will have more energy and strength for the sport.You do not think of it as a sacrifice for their beauty, on the contrary it is liberation from the bondage of harmful habits.

drink for any occasion, of course, it is possible, the main thing - it does not make his mood dependent on alcohol.Alcohol blurs our mind, and slowly but surely destroys us.When we drink, we enhanced the feeling of hunger, and we do not feel the measures thus recruit extra weight.Then the relationship is very simple - the next day after drinking there is weakness, and has no desire to engage in physical activity.So decide, you is more important: the ideal figure or your bad habits?

Motivate yourself on the way to the ideal figure

First, decide how many kilos you want to lose, and how as a result of the shape you want.You can find a famous person who has your dream figure, print it as a poster and watch every day, it's very motivating.Read the stories of people who have managed to lose a decent amount of kilograms, or sculpt a perfect figure, perhaps there will gather something useful.If you are satisfied with your weight, and you want your form become more resilient and outlined, you should follow the same advice - proper diet and regular exercise.

Reward yourself for each exercise, for each rejection of junk food, and vice versa, if you have broken one does not need to reproach himself.Sometimes you can give in to their weaknesses and to eat something high in calories and harmful, but do not tighten for a long time with this, and immediately return to the previous healthy eating.Use visualization method and presents itself with a new already perfect figure. Sometimes it happens that, in spite of all the efforts, kilograms not go, but the figure remains the same - a kind of test of strength, if you do not give up and continue what they started, then very soon see progress.

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