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Folk remedies for weight loss

desire to lose weight is pushing many women to drastic measures - administration of drugs for weight loss.But not all weight loss drugs are good for health, and there are many tools for weight loss is very expensive.So it makes sense to use folk remedies for weight loss, they are less time tested and harmless to the body.

Folk remedies for weight loss

Effective folk remedies for weight loss

Folk remedies are separated by the method of action on the body. But when used correctly and herbs and vegetables and a bath for weight loss help to cleanse the body and make it more healthy.In many cases, losing weight is parallel to the main treatment and strengthen the immune system.

Herbal medicine slimming

Phytotherapy - the use of herbs for weight loss, it is effective, but to lose weight in a few weeks you will not succeed.Since this method is harmless, grass act on the body sparing, and therefore losing weight with the help of folk remedies will require more time.

Eat to combat obesity are herbs that can be collected in y

our climate zone.These herbs are effective for treatment.If you want to collect grass yourself, follow the advice of herbalists, observe the timing charges.You must be able to choose the right plants and know their characteristics.Wrong collected herbs can reduce the effect of their use to zero.

How do herbs for weight loss?

  • reduces appetite, give a feeling of satiety.They swell in the stomach, filling it.This effect gives grain flax, bran, spirulina, marshmallow. should include these foods in a low-calorie menu.
  • withdrawal of excess liquid is purified of toxins lingonberry leaves, plantain leaves, burdock, horsetail. diuretics charges should apply, after consultation with a specialist, they should not be abused, as it can lead to dehydration.
  • normalizes the work of the gallbladder and liver dandelion , corn stigmas, everlasting, barberry. use of these plants normalizes metabolism, the food is better absorbed, less fat is deposited.
  • normalize digestion, laxative effect dill, sea buckthorn, licorice, rhubarb.
  • energizing ginger , ginseng, rosemary .Weight loss is due to the greater energy consumption.

Spa slimming

Herbal infusions and decoctions can not only be taken orally, but also to use when taking baths.Baths help cleanse the sebaceous glands and pores.It is recommended to take a bath with his mother and stepmother, calendula, plantain, oregano and birch buds.

folk remedies for weight loss

Folk remedies for weight loss: recipes

Herbal Slimming Tea

Take 25 g of birch buds, flowers pharmacy chamomile, St. John's wort, bessmertnika.Travy dry potoloch need 1 teaspoon of the powder should beboil half a liter of boiling water.Let the tea brew, drink in the morning and evening over a glass.You can add honey tea for weight loss.Honey is also used to a course of treatment of obesity.

Herbal Slimming

Take 20 grams of chicory root, buckthorn bark, seeds, parsley, dandelion leaves, corn stigmas are taken at 15 g, 10 g of peppermint and yarrow.Herbs and roots should be dried.At 0.5 liters of boiling water needed to brew 2 tablespoons dried minced collection.Infuse one night to drink three times a day before meals for 2 months.

Beet slimming

Beet considered laxative, it helps in the fight against atherosclerosis, ulcers, reduces cholesterol, cleanses the blood, displays the body of excess salt.For the treatment of obesity is recommended to eat every day in the morning before meals on 150 g of vegetable.Beet just a storehouse of nutrients, contains calcium, magnesium, iodine, pectin, cellulose.It is advisable to eat raw beets.

Folk remedies for weight loss

Cocktail slimming

Take yogurt, honey, walnuts, peeled roasted sunflower seeds, raisins or other dried fruit to taste, half an apple.Chop all ingredients and mix in a blender.This cocktail can be a substitute for dinner and help keep yourself in great shape.

Folk remedies for weight loss: reviews

To use folk remedies for weight loss, you need to tune in to the process seriously.Those who care about their health and trust in traditional medicine, says that over the course treatment can lose a few kilos.But the majority of Internet users prefer not to eat three hours before bedtime, going to the gym and stick to diets.But it should be noted that the herbal medicine helps to normalize metabolism, lost weight due to health improvement will not be returned.

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Rapid weight loss folk remedies is only possible in conjunction with a healthy diet, and exercise unloading days.

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