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Callanetics for weight loss.

Every woman wants to be beautiful and slender, some women took care of the nature, but the majority is necessary to achieve the desired results difficult.Effective weight reduction is possible in conjunction with physical exercise, which facilitates the transformation of fat into muscle tissue.Especially, if the skin is stretched as a result of the loss of extra kilos without exercise will not do.Everyone chooses for himself an acceptable form of exercise, like one group sessions in the gym, someone who likes to train at home.

But at home to force myself to perform effective exercises?What system and a set of exercises will help to achieve the desired results?Answer: callanetics - universal system of physical training , designed with all the features it is the female body. One hour Callanetics for weight loss is aerobic days .

Callanetics for weight loss.

  • Callanetics heavy, but very productive exercises .The exercises require a lot of effort.At the heart of Callanetics are static exercises aimed at stretching and contracti
    on of muscles.
  • 2/3 exercise falls on bad times are female: abdomen, thighs, place of luxuriant growth of cellulite, especially annoying female beauty.Gymnastics Callan Pinckney is an exceptional find for the women.
  • Callanetics Exercise will not only reduce the weight as a whole, but also to work out some problem areas.
  • Callanetics requires no special equipment , sportswear and shoes, rather a course to learn the subtleties of her at home.
  • positive effect Callanetics training is based on the fact that during prolonged static load accelerated metabolism in the muscle tissue, burn more calories .The desired position is required to keep a minute.

What results can be achieved by doing Callanetics:

  1. increase muscle tone.
  2. lose weight.
  3. Increase flexibility of the body.
  4. normalize metabolism.
  5. Activate the respiratory system.
  6. improve posture.
  7. you can feel your body and learn to own them.
  8. disappear osteochondrosis and back pain.
  9. strengthen joints.
  10. will increase self-confidence.

Callanetics for weight loss.

Each exercise works all the muscle groups.

Callanetics is shown for all women, but there are exceptions.

can not deal with Callanetics:

  1. patients with hypertension, especially in times of acute illness.Also, patients with various diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  2. If a person floating kidney.
  3. hernia.
  4. After surgery before engaging Callanetics must undergo a year, and for caesarean section is not less than 1.5 years, to avoid razvyvov seams.
  5. People with very poor eyesight.
  6. Those who have asthmatic disease.
  7. In diseases and injuries of the spine.
  8. If you have hemorrhoids.

Callanetics for those men , who want to use it to enhance the accuracy of muscular effort, which for various reasons can not perform dynamic exercises.

Perfectly promotes callanetics slimming .

Callanetics for weight loss.

few tips for beginners engaged in Callanetics:

  1. not overexert the muscles, more rest.
  2. possible, perform the exercises in front of a mirror.
  3. Do not hold your breath.
  4. Concentrate on the exercise held in silence.
  5. lessons Callanetics requires more effort initially, many of them may seem prohibitive, but it is important from the beginning to adhere to the instructions to maintain the proper time and to keep the position, or no positive effect can not be achieved.Just perform a set of exercises originally kallanektika will require more effort, but instead of ten select 2 - 3, but do them according to instructions.
  6. Despite the fact that the exercise callanetics provides static but complex includes a lot of stretch marks.If you take zealously for the exercise, you can pull muscles ibolevye sensation will accompany you for a long time, and in fact initially Callanetics for weight loss requires a systematic approach.Before performing stretching exercises, heat the muscles, do a little workout.

by the method of Callan Pinckney, to lose weight , it is necessary to deal with Callanetics for an hour twice a week , and to maintain the desired result is sufficient hours per week and 15 minutes each day.

result of exercise will be noticeable after a few hours Callanetics only when strictly follow the instructions.

We bring you the video tutorials that are easy and fun to do.

Video Course for beginners callanetics

Callanetics for effective weight loss

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Listen to your body and give you callanetics vigor and high spirits!

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