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Sleep Slimming: how to lose weight in your sleep?

The benefits of healthy sleep, you can talk a long time, but modern man often forgets about the healing power of sleep, prefer to make a fuss, nervous, rather than just sleep.Meanwhile, scientists have shown that sleep not only promotes a healthy complexion, and weight loss.

Dream slimming, how to lose weight in your sleep?

The body under stress tend to accumulate nutrients so people who sleep 4 hours a day, the risk of obesity by 70% higher , than people who sleep 7 - 8 hours.You tell me, so you can sleep and life, but not without benefit for the figure.

can sleep and lose weight, if you use uncomplicated rules:

  1. Breakfast should be hearty and consist of carbohydrates.For example, muesli with apples, bread and honey.Eating protein for breakfast is possible, that is, give up meat, eggs and cheese.Because of physical activity is a charge, a walk on the bike or light jogging.
  2. At lunch you can eat and proteins and carbohydrates: fish, meat, salads.Do not be amiss to walk the stairs.
  3. Dinner should contain protein and carbohydrates are excluded
    .Evening shows physical activity, but without fanaticism.

What happens at night, after the date of such a regime?When the body receives less glucose, it is forced to use fat reserves to maintain operation at night.

From 22.30 to 6.00 the body is forced to burn its own fat reserves, this contributes to low levels of insulin and protein foods before bedtime.Glucose - a carbohydrate, and at night we do not have used, and those that are eaten in the morning, has already been spent by the body during the day, so the body works at night due to the accumulation of fat, that is, we lose weight.

Dream slimming, how to lose weight in your sleep?

The basis of this method is the separation of power, the use of proteins with carbohydrates is possible only at lunchtime.

There are a few items that contribute to weight loss in a dream:

  • need to sleep at least 7 hours.
  • can not load up before going to bed, dinner protein food should be up to 20.00.
  • break between meals should be 4 - 5 hours without a bite.
  • Fruits and vegetables are allowed only in the morning.
  • Avoid drinking coffee.
  • water and green tea you can drink as much as you want.

If you follow such a regime, for 5 months you can lose 12 kilos. excellent results in such a benign dietary restrictions and exercise.

For those who have time, who want to lose weight without harm to the body and keep the weight - weight loss during sleep the best option.

Enjoy your dreams and slimming!)

Especially for - Elena

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