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How to achieve the perfect figure?

ideal female figure will always be the subject of admiration of men's and women's envy, because it is an indispensable attribute of beauty.Rarely anyone given the nature of the perfect body, it is usually the result of constant work on yourself so these girls deserve respect.Instead of looking at the girls sigh models paced the catwalk and think that you do not get such a figure, you can simply change your habitual way of life and begin to approach the figure of your dreams.

How to achieve the perfect figure?

should immediately add that in one week you will not achieve the desired result, if you already decided to start fighting for your figure, you have to maintain it constantly.Also, you will not succeed if you engage in raids, that is, for example, one or two days comply with all the recommendations, and then forgot about them for a week, in this case it is important to regularly.

types of figures

At the beginning decide what type of shape you have.There are three types of figures - asthenic, and hypersthenic normostenicheskaya.

  1. Asthenic different long limbs, thin and protruding bones.Muscles are generally poorly developed and this type least likely to be overweight.
  2. hypersthenic figures highlighted the broad bones and women of this type tend to be overweight.
  3. normostenicheskaya type of shape has the optimal proportions of the body.

How do you know what type of shape you?Take your dominant hand and measure the circumference of her wrist: 18.5 cm - hypersthenic figure 16 - asthenic, in the range from 16 to 18.5 cm - normostenicheskaya figure.

How to achieve the perfect figure?

astenikov were more fortunate of all, they can feast on sweets in moderation and do not get fat, but often their figures do not look very attractive because of the absence of relief, but this is easily achieved by training.

normostenik to achieve the perfect figure you need to adhere to certain rules in the diet and engage in physical activity.

hypersthenics difficult of all, because they have not so easy to eat a piece of cake or fatty meats.But it should be understood that this is only one factor affecting your complexion, and he did not play a decisive role in shaping the figure.You can meet with hypersthenics so well built figure that never notice his presence of wide bones and size figures, and can be found astenikov very large build.The latter may claim that to blame his tendency to be overweight, but in fact the reason that his unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

Diets and Nutrition

Proper nutrition essential condition on the way to the ideal figure.If you are active in sports, and then come home and to absorb the entire contents of the refrigerator, it will be no progress.

So, what the basic rules to be followed in the diet?It is not necessary to torture yourself diets and suffer from constant hunger, it is important in the diet - is the choice of products and their combination.You can even eat at night, the main thing that is!Food on the plate should be a lot, but at least 60% of fruit and vegetables.

How to achieve the perfect figure?

  • Eating meat or not to eat - a personal choice, but if you do not want to gain extra weight, you eat lean meats - chicken breast, red meat.
  • But fish can be used safely, it is very useful for health and beauty.But all these products is better to use boiled, but if you are not fond of this kind of food, or at least replace it with the stew.What is a garnish?Fried potatoes and pasta - it is certainly tasty, but the porridge and steamed vegetables at least tasty and most of your diet should be they, potatoes and pasta can afford sometimes, when really want.
  • Now salt.Sol - is our hidden enemy, if we know about sugar much and we know that his excessive drinking harms our figure, the danger of salt many people underestimate.Insufficient salting food better than to overdo and do as much as possible try to use it as little as possible.
  • Since sugar is the same and it is better to eat in the morning, for example, adding a couple of teaspoons of sugar in your tea or coffee, or eating sweet cake with unsweetened tea.In general, it is very important to have breakfast, so you not only have to stock up energy, but it evenly distribute your calories and save you from excessive food intake during the day.
  • also those who want to lose weight should be to minimize the use of eggs, a few eggs a week would be sufficient.Eggs contain protein in excess, and excess protein tends to be deposited as fat in the body.
  • Nuts in reasonable quantities is possible and even necessary, they are nutritious and healthy.

But what products should be excluded from your diet or only in rare cases, if you want to achieve the perfect figure: sausages and other processed meats, fatty meats, seasonings with flavor enhancers and flavor, sauces, mayonnaises and productsFast food.About chips and crackers can be forgotten forever.

these simple rules in your diet will help you get the figure of your dreams, but that's not all, read the continuation of the article "How to achieve the perfect figure?Diets and exercise and physical activity. "

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