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A set of exercises for weight loss: how to become irresistible to fly?

«Winter» kilograms stubbornly settled on our hips and bellies, and yet coming beach season, and we all want to be irresistible in their favorite swimsuits!What to do?To get back in shape, not necessarily exhaust yourself heavy workouts in the gym halls.Just a few exercises regularly at home.And you can start with morning exercises!

Do not be lazy!Charging is on!

complex exercise, we want to share with you, contributes to the development of muscles, strengthening the media, it helps get rid of cellulite.Your figure will come in the order of just 4 weeks.But the result you get, but if you do the exercises every day.The time allowed for a class, can be 10-15 minutes.But regularity is fundamentally important.For example, you can start with 15 minutes and during this month to increase the daily exercises to 45 minutes.Relying on their individual abilities, listening to your body, you can determine your optimal time to practice.You should feel a burden, but pace yourself to impotence.

daily exercises should get in the habit, after achieving the ideal figure should be pleasant to enjoy you delivered not only the result but the process.This will ensure that you do not throw a class.It is also important to respect the Arise and begin exercises correctly every day at the same time.It will bring you the maximum benefit when you combine it with proper nutrition.Depending on your state of health and in accordance with existing complaints (eg, headaches, fatigue), your doctor will give you specific advice on nutrition.

In addition, it is useful to have a good habit: the morning on an empty stomach and at night before bedtime drink a third cup of raw water with the addition of lemon juice and peels of orange, apple or mandarin.After a morning of drinking on an empty stomach is recommended to immediately start gymnastics.If you have never engaged in regular exercise, do not overwork the body, performing once all of the following exercises.To begin, select the lightest of them, gradually increasing the load.

set of exercises:

Step in place .Tread, raising knees.4 The first step - a breath, the second step 4 - an exhalation.Repeat for 15-20 seconds.

Pull-pull .I. p. Standing, arms at his sides.Raise your arms straight up and at the same time laid back straight, elongated toe, right foot.Hold this position for 5 seconds.Then, the same leg bend before him, pulling her hands to her chest knee.Head while lower as low as possible.Fix this position for 5 seconds.Then do all the same left foot.Perform repetitions on each leg 3-5.

«Flexible willow." I. p. Standing.Arrange the legs as wide as possible.Bend your left knee and your right keep straight, and three do springy tilt the toe of the right foot.Then, contrary to the other leg.Do 8-10 repetitions on each side.

«spinner» .I. p. Standing.Spread feet slightly wider than shoulder width.Perform circular motion pelvis, trying to achieve the greatest amplitude.The key to this exercise is a protrusion and retraction of the abdominal wall.Complete the rotation in each direction for 10-12 times.

Squats .I. p. Standing, hands on his belt.Perform three consecutive springy squat, while gently pressing your fingers on your stomach.Repeat 18-20 times.

«Keep balance!» I. p. Standing on the right foot.Move aside bent at the knee left leg and perform a circular motion hip with the greatest possible amplitude.Then do the same thing right foot while standing on the left.Repeat 10-12 times with each leg.

«Clogged» .I. p. Standing on "tiptoe" holding hands on the back of a chair.Unbend and bend your ankles legs for 20-30 seconds.

Jumping .I. p. Standing.Follow the jump on two feet on the right foot and left foot alternately.Repeat for 20-30 seconds.After the exercise is carried out walking in place for 10 seconds.

«Changeling» .I. p. Lying on the back.Bend your knees, and then sit down and straighten them.Then follow two leaned forward, trying to touch the face of the knees.Then again, lie down and bend your knees.Repeat 18-20 times.

«Swing» .I. p. Lying on his back, arms at his sides.Spread the legs 30-40 cm apart, then bend their knees, the feet rest against the floor.Slowly lift your pelvis and swing it from side to side 4-6 times.Then lower the pelvis, relax 6-8 seconds.Repeat 3-5 times.

«Wave» .I. p. Lying on the back.Put your hands on your stomach.Alternately bulge and draw the abdomen, while pressing his hands on the abdominal wall.Repeat 10-12 times.

«Breathe deeper» .I. p. Standing.Raise your hands up and gently pull back and up - inhale.Then follow leaned forward, dropping his hands relaxed - exhale.Repeat 3-4 times.

blow aimed

If you focus on getting rid of the problem areas, follow the warm-up of 5-6 exercises from the complex morning exercises to choose from, and then proceed to the exercises aimed at solving specific problems.


«Stork» .I. p. Standing, toes and heels together, hands at his sides.Lean back slightly.Then, slowly exhale, bend forward and try to reach out your hands to your feet (the first time it may not be possible).Then again take the starting position and repeat 3 times.The legs do not bend!

«Frog» .I. p. Standing, feet shoulder width apart, back straight, stomach in, hands at his sides.Lift up on your toes and bend your knees.Pull your knees inside, trying to get in touch with them.If you find it difficult to stay in this position, then grip the table or chair.Hold this position for 3 seconds, then dilute knees apart and return to starting position.Repeat 5 times.


«Die Hard» .I. p. Standing, feet shoulder width apart, back straight, stomach in.Squeeze your buttocks as much as possible.Then try to turn your knees inward, similar to the previous exercise.Hold this position for 30 seconds.Then return to the starting position.Repeat 5 times.Gradually increase the run time of 60 seconds replay.

«Weathervane» .I. p. Lying on his back, arms at your sides.Bend the right leg, put his foot on the floor.Lift your left leg straight up, pointing the toe itself.Spread the legs as wide as possible and lock them in this position for 3-5 minutes.Then return to the starting position, switch legs and do repeat.Gradually increase the number of repetitions for each leg to 5.

abdomen and waist

«pumping» .I. p. Lying on his back, arms at your sides.Lift the right leg vertically and then bend it at the knee, clasp hands behind the shin and tighten the abdomen as close as possible for a few seconds.Then lower your arms, straighten your leg and output return it to its original position.Repeat the same with the left foot, and then - with both feet at the same time.Repeat this exercise 2-3 times a cycle.

«Bicycle» .I. p. Lying on the floor, hands behind his head.Lift your legs as high as possible and rotate them as if you were pedaling a bicycle.Do this exercise for 5-7 minutes.Chest

«Magnets» .I. p. Standing, feet shoulder width apart.Bend your elbows and raise them to the level of the face.Then connect the inside of the palm of your hand and presses them together as much as possible within 10 seconds.Then take away the palm from each other, leaving the arms bent at the elbows.Take a few slow inhalation and exhalation and repeat 4 more times.The greatest effect is given 3 sets of 5 times a day.

Pushups .I. n. The emphasis lying on a stool, hands wide apart, back and legs straight.Slowly bend your elbows and lower torso.Then as slowly straighten arms returning to the initial position.Perform 3-5 repetitions and gradually increase their number to 10-15.

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