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Beet salad slimming

important to know what properties are foods that we eat.Dietary menu includes many salads, because fresh fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals .This salad of raw vegetables and fruit recommended by nutritionists for weight loss.However, some vegetables and boiled do not lose their nutritional properties.

Beet salad slimming

variety of vegetables and fruits allows you to pamper yourself with new salads every day, which means that restrictions in the diet you transfer painless.

Dietary salad rid the body of toxins, it is easy to digest.If you submit dressing slimming boiled chicken breast or fish, then you are guaranteed a good mood.

Beet salad slimming


  • Beets boiled - 3 pcs .;
  • Garlic - 2 cloves;
  • Prunes - 5 berries;
  • Walnuts - 4 pcs .;
  • for filling cream - 2 tbsp .;
  • Pomegranate - 1/3 of the fetus;
  • Salt to taste Preparation

  • Boil beets, grate.
  • Nuts chop.
  • Prunes wash well, chop.
  • Garnet disassembled into grain.
  • Mix all the ingredients, sprinkle with garlic, a little sa
    lt and add sour cream.

advantage beet salad with prunes that it rich, and thus relieve you from constant snacking and help fight hunger.

Useful properties of beets.

  • The structure consists of a root crop minerals Ca, K, Cu, I, Fe, vitamins C, B, PP, etc ..
  • Fiber beet leads to normal digestive system.
  • Beets increases hemoglobin, shows people with diseases of the circulatory and cardiovascular system, the thyroid gland.
  • Beetroot has a laxative effect.
  • very useful to drink beet juice, but after cooking juice should stand for a while, you can drink the beverage as a concentrated and diluted.

Beet salad slimming

Useful properties of prunes:

  • helps to combat anemia, normalizes the bowels,
  • helps against constipation,
  • displays the body of heavy metals and excess fluid,
  • has antibacterial properties,
  • normalizespressure,
  • strengthens blood vessels,
  • restores,
  • improves skin condition,
  • equalizes the acid-alkaline balance.

Useful properties of walnuts:

  • increase immunity,
  • help fight atherosclerosis, diabetes,
  • help reduce bleeding gums.

All the products included in the beet salad, and useful for weight loss is recommended for a healthy diet.

Enjoy your meal!

Especially for - Elena

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