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Fractional power slimming

diet is still the most reliable way of getting rid of extra kilograms, but not everyone is able to endure such a grueling program, so many prefer the slower, but less painful method of weight loss - split meals .

Fractional power slimming

What is split meals?

Fractional power - a power mode in which food is used often, but small portions. interval between meals should not exceed 3 hours of night-time speech does not go. Fractional food diet is based on incentives to accelerate metabolism. When the body is hungry, it mobilizes its forces to the accumulation of fat, the fractional power that does not happen, the body is full all day. This diet stimulates the body to burn calories, and new and old stores of body fat. frequent meals helps to calm the body and convince him that the emergency measures for the supply of nutrients are not needed.

should understand that miracles do not happen, despite the fact that the fundamental prohibitions split meals per person does not impose, but to reduce weight they mean.First, you need

to go to low-calorie food , renounce sweet, flour, smoked and other harmful products.Just do not overeat , to be able to control yourself.Permanent self underlies the fractional power. also need to stop eating three hours before bedtime . Physical activity should be your constant companions then weight will go away faster and the skin loses tone after weight loss.

principles of fractional power

  1. principles of fractional power significantly different from each other.The first principle means use of food at the request of the body .It should not respond to visual desire to eat, and the sensation of hunger.Once there was a feeling of hunger, you need to eat something.At the same time more difficult to control yourself, because you need to start eating as soon as hungry and stop eating as they were filled.It is important to chew food slowly, because if there is a fast, you will feel satiety after eating a half a bucket.Time limits in between meals does not exist, even if passed 15 minutes after you eat an apple, you can eat an orange.You can say that you eat from morning to evening, so this option is not suitable business people living on schedule.
  2. For those more suited systematic second principle of fractional power.Instead of the usual three meals, put calories you need to eat 5 - 6 receptions .You have to understand that some snacks business should not be limited, because the body needs vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins and carbohydrates.So three times a day you need to eat thoroughly, and a couple of times to eat.This principle is more suitable for weight loss, and the first for the normalization of metabolic processes.

Fractional power slimming

When you need to split meals drink at least two liters of fluid a day, in the heat of at least three.

Fractional food - it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle , which will help to lose weight and keep the results for a long time.

benefits of fractional power

  • lack of hunger, which provokes bouts of overeating, and which is so familiar to the people sitting on a diet.
  • Helps to cope with the problems of the gastrointestinal tract and improve its functioning, because small portions quickly digested.
  • will gradually decrease the amount of food eaten, the less the body is starving, the less a person eats.
  • improves metabolism.Fractional power leads to an increase in metabolic rate, and thus to losing weight.
  • gradual weight loss excludes his quick return.
  • improves sleep.
  • Lowers blood sugar.

The main drawback of the fractional power for weight loss is a frequent meal, which is not always convenient for the working man.But each of us can make time to drink a glass of kefir or eat a banana.

Menu fractional power slimming

This example is based on the principles of fractional power, as well as the alkaline diet, which controls acid-base balance in the body.

  1. Breakfast.Oat porridge on the water, a glass of milk, an apple, bread and cheese.
  2. Lunch 3 hours.Black grain bread, a cup of yogurt.
  3. Lunch.Boiled beef, boiled potatoes, green tea.
  4. second bite.Vegetable salad with avocado, water with lemon.
  5. Dinner for three hours before bedtime.Boiled fish with vegetables, fresh cheese.
  6. before bedtime can drink a glass of fresh whey, milk or yogurt.

fractional power result will be a reduction in body weight by 1 - 1.5 kg per week.

Fractional power slimming

6 of the rules of fractional power slimming

  1. Enter in your diet healthy food: cereals, vegetables and fruits.
  2. volume of food at one time should be no more than a glass.Buy a small plate - is a good psychological trick.
  3. important it is, even if there would not be desirable, but it comes to the second principle, when a fractional power is supplied by the hour rather than by demand.
  4. hearty breakfast is not only recommended for smaller meals, but also in general allows to think less about food throughout the day.
  5. Lunch is desirable to eat hot soup or second.
  6. Try snacking on vegetables, fruits, bread, dairy products.Forget fast food, chocolate bars, peanuts.You can eat vegetable soup or porridge.

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Fractional power - reviews

Fractional food diet are advised not only to the adherents of food experiments and experienced nutritionists.No harm to the health of a fractional power is not, by contrast, brings only benefits.