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Bay leaf slimming

Bay Leaf - the well-known spice to many dishes.In addition, the bay leaf, and is known in cosmetics and traditional medicine.Herbalists treated with leafs many diseases, they say that the miraculous spice helps cleanse the body of toxins and excess fluid to withdraw.However, if this is really the case?Is it true that bay leaves can cleanse the body, relieving us from the extra kilos?

How useful laurel?

Many sources say that the bay leaf has sedative, diuretic and antihypertensive properties.Moreover, it is able to heal wounds, to provide an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and immunostimulatory effects on our organism.There is an opinion that it purifies your body of toxins.But to do it at home is not recommended.That's because everything is good in moderation.As if wanting to do good, we do not hurt themselves.Therefore, recourse to a bay leaf for weight loss is very cautious.

Recipes for weight loss from a bay leaf

them, there are few, but the choice is always there.

  • Three bay leaves pour 300 ml of water, boil.Boil for five minutes.Leave for a few hours (three to four).Strain and take one tablespoon three times a day for ten minutes before edy.Danny infusion can be used no more than three days in a row!
  • 30 bay leaves pour four cups of boiling water.Let sit overnight.Drink sips for three dney.Nelzya at this time to drink alcohol, eat meat.The food should be low-calorie.
  • Broth bay leaf and cinnamon: in boiling water (one liter) throw a stick of cinnamon and bay leaves five.Cook for 15 minutes.Allow to cool brew.Take a quarter cup in the morning on an empty stomach no more than three days!

Is it possible to lose weight on a bay leaf?

course, itself a bay leaf gives little effect, if you are not very moderate in eating.It can only be effectively lose weight in conjunction diet and exercise (it is important to consider also, is not caused by your excess weight hormonal disorders). bay leaf decoction is only an aid, an additional measure for the first step to losing weight - cleaning.

But not everyone can use a decoction laurel leaves for three days, so even less.

What harm leafs?

Many herbalists convince very careful about cleansing the body in this way.Why is that?Because this can lead to undesirable consequences: the development of complications, side effects.

  • bay leaf decoction is contraindicated in gastritis, ulcers, diabetes, liver disease, constipation, and chronic inflammatory diseases, and pregnant women (increased tone of the uterus, causing miscarriage), and lactating mothers.Do not give children the broth under 12 years.
  • First, bay leaf - allergenic foods.His extreme caution should be used for people prone to allergies.You need to give it up altogether if you are allergic to it exactly.
  • Harmful bay leaf in exacerbation of diseases of the kidneys, heart and liver.
  • case of violation of protein metabolism is necessary to abandon the use of broth bay leaf.

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Despite the presence of contraindications, bay fox t is an excellent cleaning agent for our body. it should be used only in the correct amounts and timing (the rate of purification should last no more than three days!).It is important to refer to the treatment with care, and not only those with contraindications to its use.Diet is better to start after a course of purification, or the second - the third day, but sparing (or make a so-called passing days).Sport is also useful, but not intense.

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