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The diet for weight loss

significant disadvantage diet slimming people is rejection of the breakfast.Refusing breakfast should not be.Folk wisdom says "breakfast eat yourself," what is the scientific rationale tested experimentally.

The diet for weight loss.

Only at first glance refusal to breakfast - a reduction in the daily diet, and, consequently, reducing the number of calories.You should always be judged by their fruits.Scientists, nutritionists insist that a hearty breakfast is not only harmful to lose weight, but also helps him.So carbohydrate breakfast recommended in the art of losing weight while sleeping .

Proper nutrition - the guarantee of health and weight loss.

Necessity breakfast has been scientifically proven in an experiment leading Western nutritionist Daniela Jakubowicz.After analyzing the problems of women are obese, it is determined that the majority of them refrained from breakfast.Daniela conducted an experiment with hundreds of women, dividing them into two groups.The first group of women consume 1,000 calories a day an

d had breakfast very modest.Calorie breakfast was 290 kcal.The second group of women eating breakfast cereals, meat, milk, which is about 600 calories, and the norm of their daily food intake was 1200 calories.After 4 months the women in the first group on average lost 12 kg in the second 10kg.

Then what techniques the pros , if the result favors the absence of the breakfast?

Dietary breakfast

As with any diet, there is little to lose weight, it is important to be able to hold it.So in the period of weight maintenance in the first group of women gained 8 kg in 4 months, and women from the second group not only increased the weight, but also lost weight later.During the experiment, the ladies who lunch close, dropped 20% by weight, and those that refused to normal breakfast, lost only 4.5% of body weight.

This experiment led to the conclusion :

  • If tightly breakfast, you can develop the right eating habits;
  • hearty breakfast improves metabolism;
  • Psychologically diet is easier to withstand a hearty breakfast;
  • condition at losing weight people vigorous;
  • hearty breakfast is good for losing weight men.

Even if in a hurry in the morning you do not have time to prepare breakfast, think about it in the evening.Pour cereal with milk or water, in the morning there will be only brew green tea.

The diet for weight loss

exemplary diet for weight loss

Breakfast .

Option 1: boiled meat, rice, salad, banana, green tea.

Option 2: white chicken meat (breast) with cheese, boiled potatoes with herbs, apple, tea with lemon.

Option 3: eggs, bread, orange, green tea with lemon.


Option 1: dried bread, boiled fish, green salad, mineral water.

Option 2: rice with vegetables, fruit salad, mineral water with lemon.

Option 3: boiled meat, salad, a slice of wholemeal bread, water.


Option 1: a piece of bread, steamed vegetables, water with lemon.

Option 2: low-fat cottage cheese, fruit and tea.

Option 3: boiled fish, salad, water.

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observing the rules of good nutrition easy to achieve positive results without any harm to health.