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A healthy diet for weight loss

to diet is not harmful, you need to eat properly.But what is a healthy diet ?

main diet when there is less than the body needs to ensure their livelihoods.Then calorie deficit will withdraw them fat.But as the calories in the food used is less need to balance the power that the body receives all the nutrients.

A healthy diet for weight loss

Diet for weight loss need to be right.One counting calories is not enough.Lose weight and eat 1200 calories, not to eat two chocolate bars a day, such a diet will ruin health.

Basics of healthy eating for weight loss

  1. part of the diet can not provide the body with everything you need, then you have to buy vitamins and minerals pharmacy.
  2. It is important that the body receives carbohydrates , which are digested slowly, then hunger will not disturb you any longer.Carbohydrates choose to taste or dietary buckwheat and other grains or bread and bread krupnozernovoy.Let the baked potato.Carbohydrates are better to eat in the morning.
  3. Healthy food diet should include proteins .Protein foods can be used in any of the meals.But, for example, by separate food diet in a dream, it is recommended to use the proteins in the afternoon and evening.Particularly important protein food for those who combines slimming with sports.Otherwise calories body will not take out the fat, and muscle tissue.Proteins allowable for weight loss - chicken meat (preferably chicken), lean fish, dairy products with low-fat cheese with a fat content of up to 25% less than 50 grams.daily greens.
  4. Fats are also shown in the diet, they improve skin condition.Two tablespoons vegetable oil, cold pressed, for example, flax, or a handful of fresh nuts do not affect your waistline.
  5. Fruits and vegetables - source of fiber.Their presence in dietary beneficial effect on digestion.On the day on a diet you can eat 300 grams.fruits and vegetables, but not in canned and fresh.Even sweet fruits are safe if they have before lunch on one piece.

If you have a sweet tooth, you can eat in a day, a couple of spoonfuls of honey, and a few (2 - 3) dried fruit.

Basics of a healthy diet for weight loss

menu of healthy eating for weight loss prescribes not only products, but also takes into account the size of the portions, the method of preparation of the product.It is better to cook for a couple, bake, but not fry.Regarding the amount of food on the plate, it should be with the palm, whether cereal or meat.Curd can eat a little less than a pack of milk and a glass of kefir.

At one healthy diet for weight loss can include fasting days and encouragement yummy, if you are able to control themselves.The restaurant and away do not forget about the diet, choose and order dishes from a list of healthy foods.If alcohol is not fueling your appetite, you can afford a glass of dry wine.

Healthy eating for weight loss excludes:

  • Chips, crackers.They are very high in calories and contain no preservatives.
  • Concentrated instant products: noodles, soups and mashed potatoes.
  • Pechёnosti that are stored for a long time.
  • smoked products.
  • Mayonnaise.
  • Fried pies shoplifting.
  • Fast food.

Healthy eating for weight loss excludes

Healthy food will not only lose weight but also to maintain health.

And what healthy food do you prefer?What is included in your diet diet?