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Dietetic buckwheat: minus 12 kg for 2 weeks

What is important in any diet?

  1. Rate of daily consumption of the product must be clearly spelled out.For example, a liter of yogurt, a kilo of apples.
  2. that was not delicious, but useful.Let's try to remember the food from fast food restaurants, all delicious, but nothing useful.You eat and get fat.When diet effect should be the opposite, the approach to the fridge, and you know that you have nothing to eat, there is a diet food is not desirable, but the beauty demands victims.

One diet that meets these two principles is a buckwheat diet.

Dietetic buckwheat: minus 12 kg for 2 weeks

why nutritionists recommend buckwheat diet?

Because buckwheat has the following useful properties:

  • increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood, because the diet hemoglobin falls.
  • improves heart function, promotes excretion of excess cholesterol.
  • give the face a healthy glow.
  • good for the skin.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • improves cerebral blood circulation.
  • Not the least advantage is the reasonable price of the product.
  • Vitamins, minerals t
    hat are contained in buckwheat, do hair, nails, teeth strong and healthy.

Dietetic buckwheat: minus 12 kg for 2 weeks

And here are the not all of the magical properties of buckwheat.

But despite the use of the product, not everyone is able to sit on a buckwheat 1 - 2 weeks.First you need to check how your body will buckwheat.

discharge day on buckwheat will be a good test of the body.

How to cook buckwheat diet?

One glass of buckwheat overnight fill cup boiling water, if one cup of buckwheat seem small, it is possible to increase the rate to two.You should know that dietary buckwheat prepared without the addition of sugar, salt and oil.

assume that buckwheat came to taste your body, and you are ready to sit on the buckwheat diet, because they were convinced that it is the best product for weight loss.But we must understand that if the whole week only buckwheat in its pure form, there may be side effects.But most slimming, working people who need to keep working, and it is reduced in the diet.

There are two ways to enrich the buckwheat diet to cope with hunger, headache, do not allow the body to weaken.

1. Dietetic buckwheat with yogurt

Dietetic buckwheat with yogurt

products Norma day:

  • Buckwheat - 1 cup (buckwheat diet prepared according to the above recipe);
  • Kefir 1% - 1 liter.

correctly to lose weight will help separate food does not wash down buckwheat kefir, even between meals products will hour interval.

2. Dietetic buckwheat with dried fruits

products Norma day:

  • Buckwheat - 1 cup (buckwheat diet prepared according to the above recipe);
  • Dried fruits - apricots berries 7 or prunes.

Nuts will not harm the outcome, because their number is limited.Often sold dried fruit packages during the diet a person can break and eat a great position rules, so every day go to the market and take the daily norm.The walk will also go to the weight loss benefits.

Dietetic buckwheat with dried fruit.

Both diets can be joined into one.

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Note: during the buckwheat diet can be consumed in unlimited quantities fluid, at least 2 liters a day.Water and green tea without sugar help cleanse the body of toxins and impurities, which greatly speeds up the process of losing weight.

Dietetic buckwheat help for 1 - 2 weeks to lose weight 7 - 12 kg, which means a change of clothes for the summer, harmony and beauty you provided.

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