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Lenten menu: how not to be mistaken?

From 27 February to 14 April 2012 to last Lent - one of the most severe and long positions.While fasting is strictly forbidden to smoke, drink alcoholic beverages, animal products, white bread and fancy cakes, mayonnaise, sweets.The basis of the domestic food make pickles and marinades, porridge on the water, crackers and drying, mushrooms, nuts, fruits and vegetables.

main purpose of the post - it's not just abstinence in food, it is, above all, spiritual purification of man."The true fast is the removal of evil, to curb the language, the deposition of anger, taming lusts, cessation of slander, lies, perjury".

Lenten menu

Starting fast, do it wisely: do not try to fast stricter than required by the church, do not forget abouttheir illnesses - the Church does not accept the intentional infliction of harm to the body. If you start to fast, eat a balanced, eat the amount of food that is required by your body. Gradually try to come to the normal food, which must be followed in the post. Do not lean heavily on ce

reals andpotatoes, so you gain weight.

V is not allowed to eat gourmet meals, so try to cook without unnecessary frills, let it be a modest but freshly prepared and nutritious.

cranberry jelly

most popular drink in the post - itjelly. From what did not cook in our country jelly: milk of oats, fresh berries of the jam, compote of dried fruits - there is already a matter of taste.The main thing to take into account the proportion of, and the content can be anything: Article 1.5.l.starch 1 liter.liquids and for fans thick jelly twice starch.Kissel from cranberries is very useful rich in vitamin C and E, it helps to strengthen the body of infectious diseases and colds.

Lenten menu

Buy in store 1 cup cranberries, fresh or frozen.To loop berries, wash with water and well remember them.Press get the juice in a saucepan, pour in to 3-4 cups of water and put on fire.At this time, stir in half a glass of starch in 1 cup of cold water until until no lumps.When the juice starts to boil, pour a thin stream of starch to quickly and immediately start to interfere with the water to form clots did not have time.Boil the pudding until it thickens.Pour the jelly into glasses and a little cool.

salad with apples and carrots

salad is very simple but pleasant to the taste, and cook it easily at any time of the year.For him, taking three sweet apples, cleanse them from the skin, take out the seeds and cut into slices, strips or cubes.Two middle juicy carrots need to rub on a coarse grater.And eat it before you put in a salad, it can be bitter.Walnuts, 50-100g., Remove the skins and pour boiling water for 5-10 minutes.Then cut them into halves.Now, mix the salad, add salt, sugar to taste and a little vegetable oil.And for a change you can add cinnamon, raisins and lemon.

Bean soup

The Lenten menu beans - an indispensable product .The use of it is in a harmonious combination of high quality protein with sugar, starch, vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids.

To prepare meatless bean soup in a saucepan, pour 2-3 liters of water, when it boils, put back 3 potatoes, diced.Beans can be boiled, but it is more convenient to take a ready-made tomato sauce.When the potatoes Cook 5 minutes, season with salt water, add dried basil and black pepper, put the beans.Half the bulbs and carrots lightly fry in vegetable oil and add the soup, sprinkle with herbs on top.

Starting fast, take time not only lean foods as good and kind deeds.Try not to offend anyone, be tolerant to all and do not lose faith.

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