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Pomelo slimming

spread of exotic citrus fruit pomelo is.Homeland of the fruit - China.It looks like a big pomelo grapefruit, but tastes more pleasant ripe fruit of his brother, and in beneficial properties can easily compete with him.Who is interested in a healthy diet, know about the benefits of citrus fruits diet .Using a broom in nutrition is becoming increasingly popular.So what's the charm of this exotic fruit?

Pomelo slimming

composition and properties of pomelo

  • Unlike other citrus, pomelo can be stored for long periods at room temperature.
  • In cooking, the fruit is widely used in salads, meat and fish dishes.
  • Vitamins - C, A, B, essential oils, antioxidants, beta-carotene.With
  • structure includes a plurality of microelements.

The pomelo helpful?

  • Great thirst quenching agent.
  • Helps fight the summer heat.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • uplifting assistant in the fight against depression.
  • B vitamins strengthen the heart.
  • Potassium normalizes blood pressure.

Pomelo slimming

addition to the benefits to

the health of pomelo, fruit is good for weight loss . Pomelo:

  • actively breaks down fats;
  • speeds up digestion;
  • has a low calorie only 30 calories;
  • not give leach calcium from the body;
  • activates metabolic processes.

recommended to arrange fasting days with a broom and a two-week diet with its use.

diet pomelo slimming

diet pomelo designed for two weeks , not to be bored, you can change the vegetables and fruits.

Pomelo slimming

Breakfast: half pomelo, black unsweetened coffee, cheese.

Lunch: pomelo and half an egg.

Lunch: boiled vegetables or vegetable salad with a slice of lean fish, unsweetened tea.

Snack: half pomelo.

Dinner: egg, green apple, pomelo half, boiled vegetables, tea with honey and herbs.

The ingredients can make salads.If you against strict diets, you can simply replace one fruit of the meals, the best dinner , because breakfast in the morning is very useful .

afternoon drink plenty of fluids.

result pomelo diet for weight loss : least minus 5 kg for two weeks, plus cleaning of the body.

If the hard version of the diet on the broom does not suit you, you can eat porridge for breakfast, lunch to add to the vegetables lean meat, instead of an apple for dinner to eat a banana.But the result of such a diet will be less noticeable.

Fasting days with pomelo

monodiet with pomelo should not last more than three days.Arrange fasting days on the broom and yogurt should not more than once a month .During the day, you can eat all you want pomelo, drink clean water and 2 cups of yogurt a day.Instead of water you can drink green tea, green tea but abuse should not be.

Pomelo slimming: reviews

Many two-week diet to help get rid of pomelo 5 kg of weight, fasting days on the broom to help get rid of 2 kg of fat.Do not recommend to abuse of fruit in nutrition allergies and people with digestive problems.Because, along with other citrus pomelo can cause allergies, but because of the strong negative impact on the acidity of the gastric environment .It is not recommended to actively engage in sports for a low-calorie diet for pomelo.If this diet have liked, you replace it with another favorite diet.

Pomelo slimming

like eating pomelo diet?

only fresh fruit keeps all the beneficial properties , so the diet should be used fresh pomelo or make fruit juices to drink that should be immediately after preparation.At the store, choose soft, smelling fruit without damage.

Pomelo pregnancy

When a woman is expecting a baby, it is very important to have more vitamins and fewer calories.Pomelo meets these requirements.The fruit can be used when you want it, but do not overeat, to feel cheerful and not to cause harm to the child. Pomelo helps the body resist viral diseases pregnant. Pomelo during pregnancy helps fight obesity and uplifting.

include in your diet pomelo and do not worry for your figure, take care of her delicious exotic fruit.