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Cinnamon and honey for weight loss

beneficial properties of cinnamon and honey have been known since ancient times.In addition, honey, and cinnamon have excellent taste.They have a unique ability to make the figure more slender and beautiful.

Slimming using cinnamon and honey

Since ancient times, honey and cinnamon are used for weight loss as separate products.However, scientists have found that if you put together the action of both components, the effect will be much quicker and more tangible.The effect of this means is that both ingredients have the ability to reduce blood alkaline.In addition, honey, and cinnamon have excellent cleansing action.

The undoubted advantages of this method pohedeniya can be attributed to the fact that a mixture of honey and cinnamon in small amounts has no contraindications.Such characteristics can boast, not every agent.

tool is most effective when used for its preparation of natural honey.If you do not have a provider, then buying honey in stores, look closely at the label.Pasteurized honey you

will not work, because the pasteurization process kills many beneficial properties of the product.

Slimming of the two ingredients you have to cook a special drink.To do this, take one teaspoon of ground cinnamon, and fill her glass of boiled water.Insist cinnamon in boiling water is necessary for thirty-five minutes.After the waiting period ends in infusion to add two tablespoons of honey and stir.

drink is better to cook in the evening, as the first of its acceptance comes at a time before going to bed - half a cup.The remaining half a cup to drink in the morning, again on an empty stomach.Drink cup with the remains should be placed in the refrigerator overnight.In the morning, you need to drink a cold drink, because the impact of higher temperatures has a negative impact on the effectiveness of the drink (high temperatures kill the nutrients means).

Cinnamon and honey for weight loss can be used indefinitely.However, it may cause the body to the components of addictive agent, as a result, their action has come to "no".If you start to notice such changes, simply take a short break (one to two months), so that your body can "forget" about the action of this agent.After the break, you can revert to the use of cinnamon and honey for weight loss.

Action cinnamon and honey on the body

  • These two ingredients combined together can help to cope with heart disease.To do this, you must eat bread for breakfast with a special mixture of cinnamon and honey.This breakfast will help reduce the level of cholesterol in blood vessels.In turn, this helps to avoid infarction (including repeated if infarction has been previously).
  • significantly reduce cholesterol levels in the blood allows a mixture of three teaspoons of cinnamon and two tablespoons of honey dissolved in two cups of warm water.Take this remedy should be three times a day.Also, if you apply the honey and cinnamon, you will be able to strengthen the heart muscle.
  • honey and cinnamon help to improve concentration.In addition, the sugar contained in honey, helps to maintain vitality.
  • cure even chronic arthritis can help you daily intake of funds from the cinnamon and honey.To make it, you just need to put in one cup of warm water a teaspoon of cinnamon and two tablespoons of honey.Accepted necessary twice a day, morning and evening.

  • In addition, the sharing of these two products helps to strengthen the immune system .This capability helps to increase the body's resistance to various viruses and bacteria.The main feature here serves, of course, honey.After its antibacterial properties have been known since ancient times.It helps white blood cells found in the blood, it is better to deal with infections.

honey and cinnamon as part of hair masks are an excellent remedy for hair loss.The mask can be prepared from a mixture of one tablespoon of honey, one teaspoon of cinnamon and heated olive oil.Apply on the hair roots before washing the head.Keep the mask to fifteen minutes.When the timeout expires, the tool head must be thoroughly rinse with warm water.If you can not keep the mask all fifteen minutes to achieve the effect will be small enough for five minutes.

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Cinnamon and honey mixed in one "bottle" is an excellent natural remedy for weight loss.Of course, it should be remembered that taking this remedy should also be accompanied by diet and regular exercise.Cinnamon and honey will be a catalyst in the course of your weight loss.Also, these two ingredients are very useful for the whole organism.

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