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Onion soup for weight loss

There are lots of different diets.Soup diet is considered one of the best. Onion soup is well suited for those who can not tolerate starvation. This diet gives the result a week later and allows you to eat almost all foods, but in small quantities.With such a diet change one product to another, you should not.The most important thing in the diet - set yourself psychologically.

Diet is based on limiting foods that contain fat.At low fat intake is felt normalize digestion, and onions and herbs help to break down fats.Onion soup is the basis of this diet.Thanks nutrition onion soup, you can effectively lose weight at home.

Eat soup can be in unlimited quantities.When used only onion soup and these products can lose 1.5 kg in 3 days.

Onion soup is safe and beneficial for our body as it helps cleanse.

recipe for onion soup


  1. cabbage
  2. bow
  3. tomatoes
  4. green pepper celery

All ingredients add taste, but must bow to prevail!


All vegetables are crushed into cubes

and filled with water.Then, boil the soup for 10 minutes, and then it is cooked over low heat until tender.The resulting soup can add salt, seasoning, which want.

Diet onion soup

Every day should eat onion soup.This dish is a staple food for the period of the diet.

  • first day to the soup, you can eat fruit.All except bananas.
  • second day add to the soup vegetables.

  • third day all the same as in the previous days.
  • fourth day of the diet to the soup, fruits and vegetables add a glass of milk,
  • fifth day - the day the meat.Eat soup, boiled beef and fresh tomatoes.
  • sixth day, eat only soup and vegetables
  • seventh day to the soup complemented by brown rice, fruit juices.

sure to drink plenty of water - non-carbonated and sweet.

Onion soup you can eat when you are hungry.There can be any number, since it does not add calories.If you are going on holiday and know that there will be drinking alcohol, then you need to get off the diet for 24 hours.

Onion soup can be eaten in any form - and hot and cold.Coffee and tea should be excluded from the diet.Vegetables and fruits can be eaten in any amount, but not overeat in any case, especially at night.Also, from your usual diet exclude bakery, and the last time to try to eat 18-00.

Very common fasting days on onion soup.In one day you can get rid of 2 kg of excess weight.In any case, as if we do not keep to a diet, you need to always control himself in food, exercise, get rid of bad habits.

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