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Discharge day for cucumbers

Cucumbers - low-calorie product, composed for the most part included water.However, apart from it, this vegetable contains a lot of various useful substances for the organism.The cucumbers contains magnesium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, silicon, manganese, copper, zinc, cobalt, zirconium, aluminum, and even silver.As well as an abundance of vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B6 and PP.

variety of mineral substances gives cucumbers diuretic properties, which, in turn, help excrete various toxins .Besides, fasting day, based on this product is an effective way to deal with the extra inches in the waist and fat deposits in the abdominal area .

How prvesti fasting day on cucumbers?

The easiest way to arrange a cucumber fasting day - eat all day only this vegetable.Cucumbers need to stock up.On this day, you'll need them about half to two kilograms.Eat this amount of cucumber you have to for a whole day is divided into six or eight receptions.They need to eat equal portions.It is imperative to use the product

with the skin and without salt.In such a discharge day can be used mineral water.And it is not limited to the number.

There is also a version in which you can eat salad of cucumbers, greens and a few drops of lemon juice.To fill this salad you need one percent yogurt.Besides yogurt, salad, and can be refilled with oil.Moreover, the presence of a fat should not scare you.Cucumber juice well dissolves fat.Be prepared for the fact that during this fasting day you will constantly feel hunger.To satisfy some of his, allowed to eat per day one boiled egg.

Cucumber meat fasting day

If you can not stand completely cucumber fasting day, try to diversify its meat.Meat should be chosen, of course, low-fat varieties.It can be chicken, beef or rabbit.To make the cucumber and meat fasting day you need about one hundred and fifty grams of cooked meat and a kilo of fresh cucumbers.

Then there are two versions of events.You can divide the cucumbers, and meat for six or seven equal portions and at every meal to eat cucumbers, and meat.Alternatively, divide the cucumbers and the meat into three parts, and eat food at a time, then meat, then cucumbers.Here you are free to choose for yourself what you like best.Cucumber-meat fasting day is transferred much easier than a cucumber.However, the efficiency of purification in no way inferior.

Recommendations for cucumber fasting days

Cucumber fasting day should be carried out not more than once or twice a week!For each of these days, you can lose up to one and a half kilos.Periodic fasting day this will help with urate diathesis, intestinal problems, different degrees of obesity, rheumatism, arthritis and high blood pressure.

However, such a discharge is a cucumber is not all.Like most of the fasting days, has a diuretic effect, cucumber is contraindicated for people suffering from chronic kidney disease.In addition, the high content of fiber in the vegetables can hurt people with their illnesses among gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers, as well as gastritis and colitis.

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Remember that the fasting day is needed to purify the body from all sorts of hazards.Do not use schemes such as long days of diets.Such a diet is always a stress on the digestive system and other systems in your body.Treat such activities seriously and do not overdo it.Otherwise, instead of the benefits you will deal damage to your health.Be careful!

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