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Brewer's yeast for the weight gain

in our progressive world, the dominance of fast food, carcinogens and permanent quick bite hard to imagine that someone else needed to gain weight, not reset.But in people with too rapid metabolism that question is very serious.They really can not gain weight.And this is understandable.A person who does not experience psychological and physical needs extra food, could not recover.And spoil the metabolism, overeating rolls around the clock - this is not an option.

Sometimes, in order to gain weight, it is necessary not only to eat and go in for sports, but also to take additional vitamin complexes. Yeast for weight gain - one way to further enrich your body and help him to gradually gain the desired weight.

How to make yeast for weight gain?

Before taking such medications, you must check with your doctor the real reason that you can not gain weight.And that's when the doctor prescribes you a brewer's yeast, only then you will need to start treatment.Independently should not take this medicine , even if all the friends of the world will tell you that it is safe.This medication can change hormones, so just lean girls do not need to rush into "his arms" in order to make their curves more tempting.You simply can grow fat and never get in shape. Weight gain is required only to people who really do not have enough mass .And who exactly will have to go to the pharmacy, the doctor decides, not yourself.

Brewer's yeast obtained vrezultate fermentation.The drug, "Brewer's yeast", which is sold in pharmacies - is BAD.In addition to yeast, the product contains vitamins D and B group, amino acids, fatty acids, micro and macro.All these components help to normalize the metabolism, helping to smooth and painless for the body to recover.

How do brewer's yeast?

  • Brewer's yeast help to increase appetite and metabolism stabilizing .Vitamins, potassium and phosphorus are designed to speed up the metabolism.It starts to work more actively and endocrine system, increasing blood flow to the portal vein - it speeds up the absorption of nutrients.For removal of fluid, which is important, it is responsible sodium.
  • Fiber ustanyaet pollution intestines, cleanses the body of unwanted substances .They leave all the toxins and harmful microorganisms.The already "clean" the body digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates faster, the energy balance is maintained.
  • After the first "beer-yeast" of the week you will feel like a little -pomalu start to gain weight.This applies to those who do not suffer serious illness.But those who have a medical card in various diseases of the heart, the endocrine redundant system, the liver - there is some yeasts can not do.The treatment in this case must be monitored by the attending physician.

In preparation, as well as virtually all medicines, there are indications and contraindications.

Brewer's yeast: Indications for use and contraindications

Showing brewer's yeast to humans:

  • violation of protein and carbohydrate and vitamin balance
  • gastrointestinal diseases
  • B-hypovitaminosis
  • deficient or unbalanced nutrition
  • neuropsychologicaland physical activity
  • anemia
  • polyneuritis and neuralgia
  • alcohol dependence
  • diabetes
  • dermatosis, boils, eczema, acne, psoriasis, obesity

contraindicated brewer's yeast to people with gout, kidney disease, and hypersensitivity.Allergic reactions to the drug, but there are a few symptoms of intolerance.

If during treatment you will experience the following symptoms, then you have an intolerance: abdominal bloating, indigestion, belching, feeling of heaviness.

Proper nutrition at the use of brewer's yeast

There are a few rules that must be followed correctly to gain the desired weight :

  1. varied daily meals, the last meal should be up to 2 hours before bedtime, do notless
  2. Try to minimize the content of dietary fat, sugar and salt.
  3. day Eat at least 2 liters of water
  4. Exercise to the accrued weight are not fully getting fat and increased muscle part.
  5. Stop upotrbelenie brewer's yeast should be only if you have already gained 75% of the target weight

Yeast really solve the problem of a shortage of weight.They will help make your body change a habit, not a revolutionary, you will get used to a new body and a new life.Just remember one thing: the changes in body weight in either direction - it is a very serious step.And treat it graciously, through the fingers is not necessary.Hormonal drugs - this is a very serious medications that can behave unpredictably, depending on the individual.If you decide on such a crucial step - talk to your doctor and get ready for the fact that you will now wait for a new turn of events!

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