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Home Cocktail: cooking secrets

cocktails - is a science that can be learned by having the necessary supplies and desire.Mixing drinks can pass among friends skillful bartender, provided that you will strictly follow the recipe and choose for cocktails and fresh ingredients.Otherwise you risk to enjoy their cocktails in splendid isolation.

Home Cocktail: cooking secrets

One of the most important rules of cocktails is accurate selection of components .For example, like spaghetti will not produce real Italian treat, if it did not add to those components, and in cocktails you can not replace one component with another.It is also very important to observe certain rules of cooking cocktail.There are cocktails, drinks when the layers are arranged in a pot - Building, or the more common ways: mixing the ingredients - Mixing, and whipping - Shaking.

Terms cocktails

  • Cocktail need to quickly prepare and serve immediately on the table, the guests were able to experience the beauty and freshness of the beverage in the beverage and ice did not melt before filing.But qui
    ckly, it does not mean to rush, mix the ingredients quickly, but do not hurry.Haste can only harm the cocktail.Get it before cooking all the necessary components, so you do not look.So you'll be at your fingertips and will only have the right mix drinks.
  • If a prescription is necessary to shake up a cocktail shaker, then fill it to about half.The remaining part will be whipping.Procedure whipping pretty funny and you can execute it directly in front of the guests.Check that ice cocktail crystal clear.To put it in a drink enjoy it with tongs, but do not touch the ice with his hands.It is not only unhygienic, but the touch of the ice melts faster.In preparing the new cocktail will not complain of fresh ice.Using the old ice in another cocktail can change its taste.Will not affect the cocktail is only when you cook the same cocktail, but with different, it is unacceptable.
  • Beating cocktails , of course, a very exciting process, but it is not necessary to resort to it if the recipe calls for mixing a cocktail.
  • adding cocktail fruit or fruit juices , only use the all the fresh and chilled.Pre place them in the refrigerator.If possible, prepare fresh juice just before preparing the drink itself.
  • These bartenders always decorate their fruit smoothies or other garnishes using shpazhek.You can use them - it looks more professional.Also think about how to make cocktails more aesthetic and appetizing appearance.For example, you can make colorful rim on the edge of the glass, place it in lemon juice, then sprinkle with colored sugar.Or you can decorate a variety of ornaments - umbrellas, tubes, brush and others. For a better taste cocktail not only adds the ice before serving, but the dishes for a drink beforehand keep in the fridge, so that it is better to keep cold.There are recipes for cocktails, where the composition has a peel of lemon juice.This juice is easy to get to do this, just take the fine the cut lemon peel, slice and break this tight squeeze, squeezing drops of the juice in a cocktail.

methods cocktails

Home Cocktail: cooking secrets

method Sheik

need for such a metallic glass of cocktail shaker.This method is typically used when the components do not mix in the beverage.To begin to check whether all the ingredients procured.

Fill glass with ice for two-thirds of it to properly cooled.Before pouring ingredients into a shaker, check that it does not remain water.Be careful, you can not pour into a shaker: sparkling and mineral water, sparkling wine and champagne, soda, beer and apple juice.It is also possible to prepare a shaker maximum of three portions.Before you mix drinks, close the shaker lid, and then mixed no more than 10 seconds.Now you can pour cocktails and decorate.

method Build

This method is somewhat simpler and runs it in ordinary drinking glasses.Prepare cocktail glasses - heated or cooled, depending on what is the drink.Also, prepare all the ingredients beforehand.Fill the glass components of the recipe and stir bar spoon.Now you can decorate.

method Steer

For this method you need a special mixing glass.Fill the glass with finely crushed ice "Frope."Then all the ingredients in a glass filled with prescription and are mixed bar spoon about 5-6 seconds.The resulting drink is poured through a fine strainer and decorated.

method Bland

method is so named because it is prepared in Blendlere, iemixer.And with such a high content of ice cocktails are called Frizendrinki.Before you start cooking put in blender ice frope.We bring the ice to snow conditions.Then add the ingredients of the recipe.Pour into cocktail glasses with ice.Usually cocktail glasses stacked top to bottom, and before serving, put in the fridge for 10 minutes.All frizendrinki ready!

Home Cocktail: cooking secrets

Cocktails with fruits

First Fruit Processing: clean, get rid of the seeds, cut.In a blender add ice by half.Then we fall asleep to fruit and brought into soft.Now add the ingredients for the recipe spill cocktails and decorate.

When preparing cocktails on the holiday table should be remembered that the invited guests may have different tastes, so a good idea to prepare a second alternative cocktail.Also, do not forget that many of the cocktails and get carried away high in calories are not worth it.

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