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How to suppress appetite?

you have made a serious and conscious decision to lose weight and get rid of unnecessary kilograms.You choose the right diet and begin to follow it, stay a day or two, and then realize that it's just abuse is very difficult to give up your favorite foods.During the working day and want to eat something tasty and harmful, such as potato chips, hot dog, canned food, hamburger and soda drink it all.

But to succumb to his wishes - it means to pull the plug on all their past struggle with being overweight.It turns out that in all the time you are fighting two people: one wants to eat, not limiting themselves in anything, and the other is committed to the ideal figure.What to do, really have to keep such a struggle for life? In fact, you want to get rid of the investigation, but does not eliminate the very cause.The investigation - this is what you eat excessive amounts of food, and the reason - this is your increased appetite, and it was necessary to eliminate.

How to suppress appetite?Drink more wa

Drinking water can suppress appetite and is the simplest natural remedy. When we drink a lot of water in the body as it enters the wrong signal about saturation.Drink per day for at least two liters a day, and divide that number into small portions and not drink a large amount at one time.Instead of water you can drink unsweetened green tea.

How to suppress apppetit?Eat spices

If you like to add a variety of food seasonings and spices - great, but if not, you have to get used to this, as seasonings help to cope with increased appetite .For example, red pepper, its rich aroma and pungent taste tunes the brain into thinking that you have already filled even by a small amount of food.Here there is a double effect: acute and peppered meal you eat in large quantities, and after eating food with spices want to drink more than usual, and the water, as already mentioned, suppresses appetite.

How to suppress appetite?Properly Eat breakfast

Good breakfast - the basis of proper nutrition and a method of suppressing appetite for the rest of the day .If you prefer a quick breakfast carbohydrates such as sweet rolls, biscuits, sweet curds and yogurt-store, it is worth to you to get to work, as immediately want to eat.When your body gets a large amount of carbohydrates, the pancreas secretes insulin to a lot of absorption, it all happens very quickly, and dramatically decreases the level of sugar in the blood.

you can feel such a state as the body tremors, weakness and rapidly approaching famine.Many do not understand the origin of the state and is already at work once again begin to absorb carbohydrates, biting chocolates, candies, and then after a short period of time, experiencing an attack of hunger.

So start your day with breakfast, which consists of complex carbohydrates .Be sure to eat porridge in the morning - oatmeal, rice, barley or buckwheat, add them fruits, nuts, honey and dried fruits.For breakfast you can eat a piece of cheese or lean meat, not eating fatty and high-calorie foods. Between breakfast and lunch, you can eat fruit, nuts or bread , it is much more useful than harmful chips or crackers.

How to suppress appetite?Observe the food culture

Do not eat food on the run, and thoroughly chew and enjoy every bite. Those who eat in a hurry, a much higher risk of obesity, and a sense of fullness comes not once, but ten minutes after eating, so people can not truly determine whether it is full.Do not eat food while watching TV, the internet or while listening to music.These distractions are not allowed to concentrate on the food and create a higher level of hunger.

These simple rules will help you suppress your appetite, if you, of course, have the self-discipline and motivation to look good! And if you are interested in, what now there are drugs for weight loss in sales, then this you can read in our article "Top 10 drugs for weight loss: we offer pharmacy?".

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