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Separate food: the menu for the week

Around separate food as a miraculous system for weight loss, there is a lot of controversy, yet nutritionists are inclined towards a separate feed, note its health benefits and weight loss.A man who practices a separate food, think about the part of your diet, eliminate harmful products and eats a lot of vegetables and fruits that can not affect the figure is positive.Separate nutrition is useful for weight loss.

Separate food: the menu for the week

essence of a separate food

  • Proteins and starches be combined in one meal it is impossible, but with vegetable proteins and starches it is possible and necessary.This combination reduces the overall glycemic index food.
  • When food consumed vegetables along with protein rich food, they reduce harmful effects of fat on the body.
  • Habitual consumption of meat and potatoes and bread separate power supply system does not allow.Judge for yourself, the stomach can not cope with this amount of food digestion.
  • not eat starchy carbohydrates with fats especially in the first stage of weight loss.
  • Do not mix vegetable and animal fats.
  • Fruits should be consumed 20 minutes before the main reception meal or between meals.
  • Do not eat ready-made meals, past the industrial processing, prefer living products .
  • There neutral products, they can be eaten alone with carbohydrates and protein.

separate food menu Montignac

  1. Afternoon: fruit, porridge after some time without oil, low-fat yogurt or yogurt.
  2. Lunch: meat or fish, vegetable salad, or vegetable stew with a little vegetable oil, a bit of cheese.You do not eat bread or cereal garnishes.
  3. Dinner: vegetable soup without butter (do not add the potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes and beets), boiled meat, yogurt.Dinner protein can be replaced by amyloid menu, but in order to reduce weight it is better not to have dinner carbohydrates.

To maintain the acid-alkaline balance is to let the menu ¾ of vegetables and ¼ of the protein.

To properly prepare a menu for separate power supply is necessary to know which foods are carbohydrates, proteins, which are called neutral classification system for this power.

Separate food: the menu for the week

  • Carbohydrates: cereals, potatoes, artichokes, bananas, honey, sweets, alcohol, fruits and vegetables with a high content of starch,
  • Neutral Group: Vegetables do not contain starch, sprouts, mushrooms, dairy products, cheesewith a fat content of 65%, vegetable oil, nuts, seeds, egg yolk, avocado, olives, herbal teas.
  • Protein products : any meat, sausage, fish, milk, egg, soy, berries, wine, apples and pears, pineapple, kiwi, citrus.

question may arise why fruits belong to the protein group, because in all logic they contain more carbohydrates, but because the fruit acids interfere with normal digestion of carbohydrates.

separate food: the menu for the week


Breakfast: a banana, 20 minutes oat meal on the water, green tea.

Snack: pear, vegetable salad with vegetable oil.

Lunch: chicken breast, cabbage salad, cheese.

Snack: an apple.

Dinner: vegetable soup, egg.


Breakfast: buckwheat, yogurt or kefir.

Lunch: orange or grapefruit.

Lunch: boiled fish, vegetable stew.

Snack: pear.

Dinner: chicken and vegetable salad.


breakfast: rice porridge, yogurt, green tea.

Afternoon snack: an apple.

Lunch: milk, boiled meat, vegetable salad, a glass of milk.

Snack: walnuts or pine nuts.

Dinner: Cottage cheese casserole.


Breakfast: banana, muesli with dried fruit, yogurt.

Snack: 2 kiwi.

Lunch: salad of seafood and vegetables, cheese.

Snack: dried fruits.

Dinner: scrambled eggs with tomatoes.


Breakfast: oatmeal, yogurt.

Snack: Avocado.

Lunch: steamed vegetables with meat.

Snack: berries.

Dinner: tomato and cheese.


Breakfast: wheat porridge with pumpkin, green tea.

Snack: Banana.

Lunch: fish with vegetables and cheese.

Snack: Nuts.

Dinner: scrambled eggs with mushrooms.


On Sunday, you can arrange a fasting day on apples.

Separate food: the menu for the week

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separate food will help you lose weight and improve health.