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How to cook apple butter?

According to one version, apple butter was first prepared in the Far East, and on the other - in ancient Rome.But the opinions of experts agree on one thing for sure - it's quite a treat older.Even in 1 BC were found the first mention of the jam in the book "Culinary questions."

The very name of this dish - Polish, by the way, in Poland it is called - « powidla ».Preparing it is usually made from apples, peeled and seed rot, and then of cooked sugar.For this delicacy most suitable varieties are acidic fruits, because they contain more pectin, which in turn provides better density.In order to give a special jam flavor and aroma, it is possible to add cinnamon, cloves or other. Spices.And to make the acidity, it can spice up the food acid, for example - citric.

Consistency in this dish a uniform and dense.Often it is elastic, like a jelly.But his color varies from light brown to dark brown.Jam - this is a very high-calorie product, because it is almost 60% consists of sugar, but at the same time it is a

healthy dish.Dessert, cooked apple improves digestion.That's only necessary to use it in moderation because it can cause dysbiosis, improve blood glucose levels, as well as add a few extra kilos.Also jam is not recommended to eat diabetics.

How to cook apple butter?

How to cook apple butter?

jam To succeed, you need to cook it according to the rules.Apples should be well washed, peeled, seeds and finely chop finely.And you can take a little damaged or overripe fruit, but in any case they must be soft.The porridge is the fruit can be processed with 2 methods: a raw twist through a meat grinder or grind through a sieve (you can also grind in a blender) in the form of already cooked.

way, add the sugar in jam is not necessary, but if the apples were cooked without it, then they must be sterilized.But if you do decide to add sugar, it should be at least 60% of the total, or treat ferment or mold covered.Boil it better in a low and wide pot, so the moisture evaporates more, which will give the dish the best taste and color.

interfere in the process of cooking a treat better with a wooden spatula, or it will burn.Also to prevent sticking of sugar in the dish should be added after the addition, as mass thickens.On average brew jam takes about a couple of hours.His willingness to be defined as follows: to hold a shovel at the bottom of the pot, and if there was a path, which is then slowly filled, the jam is ready.During cooking, the total amount of weight compared to the original reduced almost 2 fold.Ready also will need to treat pour sterilized jars.

In the classic recipe of jam, there is one key point.After it has been poured on the banks, they need to put in a preheated oven at its surface to form a crust.Today this point is often overlooked, but oddly enough, it is this method helps to better conservation of the product.

How to make apple butter?

Apples are one of the most beloved and popular fruit in Russia.There can be all year, and grades in nature there is a huge amount!Besides apples - very helpful.A jam made from these fruits, perfect for home baking, because it is thick and does not flow.Prepare a treat at home is not difficult, but it turns out it is very tasty!

How to make apple butter?


  1. Apples - 1 kg
  2. Sugar - 1 kg
  3. water - 1 tbsp.(250 ml)


  • To begin to select the right amount of fruit, wash them and remove rotten place.Then the fruit peel and cut serdtsevinki.
  • Each apple cut into 4-6 pieces, cut into small pieces and place in a wide pan or bowl.
  • Then pour the apples with water and put on fire.
  • When cooking jam in a low wide container, the apples retain their color and flavor.
  • jam also needs regular stirring, and if it will burn, that its color and taste very spoiled.
  • After 30-40 minutes, sometimes an hour later, everything will depend on the variety of apples and their softness, the mass must be put in a colander and clean.
  • Measure 1 kg of sugar and add grated apple weight.
  • Then the mass of sugar should be put back on the heat and simmer until mixture thickens, it may take 40 to 60 minutes.
  • way, interfere with the dishes, rubbed through a sieve, you need as often as before wiping.It is important to be careful, because hot mass can be sprayed heavily.
  • At the time, until the jam is ready, you can prepare the banks.They need to be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized with the caps.
  • After cooking, jam, it must be expanded in hot sterilized jars and roll them.
  • The finished product will be perfectly stored in the cellar, even in the refrigerator or cupboard at room temperature.

apple butter in the oven: a recipe

Such a treat as apple butter you can not only cook on the fire, and cook in the oven.It turns out very tasty dish and thick.

Apple butter in the oven: a recipe


  1. Apples - 1.5 kg
  2. Sugar - 700 g
  3. Water - 150 ml


  • The fruit wash, peel and core.Then, they must be cut into small pieces and shift in a pressure cooker or pan made of stainless steel.Moreover, in the capacity necessary to advance to pour water to the apples not burnt.
  • Cook the apples do not need on a high heat until they are tender.
  • After this mass should be rubbed through a sieve or using a blender to grind, mix with sugar and shift the weight in the ceramic or glass bakeware and cover and place in oven.Moreover, the oven should be preheated to 250 degrees, and after the mass begins to boil, the temperature should be reduced to 100 degrees and leave for 3 hours.
  • At the time, until the jam is ready, you can prepare the banks.After a 3-hour jam need to check - if he had a red hue, it can spread to the banks it is hot.
  • After layout of the product, the banks need to roll.

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apple butter - a unique treat.Its history goes back more than two thousand. Years, but the dessert does not lose popularity and the present day.It is great as an addition to tea, as well as filling in the sweet pastries.

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