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Salads with canned tuna: easy, nutritious, satisfying

Last year was a discovery for me canned tuna.In the summer, I sat down on the Doctor House, and there are constantly talking about patients who eat tuna.Then I bought the first time in search of canned tuna easy and nutritious meal.

Tuna salad with Chinese

Tuna salad with Chinese


  1. One jar of canned tuna in its own juice, this salad is better to take the chips tuna.
  2. Chinese salad 200-300g,
  3. 150g.hard cheese and 1-2 boiled eggs.


  • salad we parse leaf on, my good, and throws in a sieve dried.Cheese and eggs need to rub on a coarse grater and drain the oil from the tuna.
  • If you are preparing a salad for the holiday, it is better to do it in layers on a large platter, and if for yourself, it can be mixed in a conventional plate.
  • Chinese salad cut into small cubes, place in a dish, top with chopped lemon, you can simply sprinkle the juice, then spread the tuna can be a drop of mayonnaise on top, and then laid an egg shabby.
  • Top smear mayonnaise, salad held to form.Decorate a sal
    ad with cheese, olives, parsley.

Vegetable salad with tuna

In this recipe, the abundance of vegetables of different colors, different flavors.Not every man will love this salad, but for women it's perfect.

Tuna salad with Chinese

my vegetables thoroughly with warm water, especially if they shop.


  • 2 medium cucumbers,
  • 1 bell pepper,
  • 2 hard tomatoes,
  • lettuce (iceberg juicy variety).


  • All large cut cucumbers cut into circles, or cubes, slices of tomato, pepper, cleaned from seeds and cut into strips and lettuce can be torn by hand.
  • merge with tuna oil, parse it into pieces, take out the bones.You can cut one boiled egg, so if you're going to have dinner salad.
  • put olives on request, dressed the salad with olive oil, sprinkled with lemon juice and pepper.Salad get rich in vitamins and very hearty.

Salad "The ear»

This dish will surprise your guests with his creativity and spicy taste.

Салат "Початок"


  • Again, for this salad, we need a jar of tuna in oil, as well as a small jar of canned corn.
  • Cook one large potatoes, two eggs.We need one pickle, one can take 4-5 gherkins.
  • Raw onion finely - finely chopped, it can be slightly marinated in vinegar, or scalded with boiling water before adding to the salad.Canned salad mash with a fork, potato, egg and cucumber cubes crumble.
  • All good mix, and then add the mayonnaise, once again interfere and sprinkle with black pepper.
  • Take the plate and create oval shape cob.I have such a portion is enough for two small cob, in duet, they look even more spectacular.Lubricates mayonnaise on top and spread the grain of corn.
  • leaves of cobs can be done with sliced ​​green onions, cut out or pickles.

Salad "Football»

Salad "Football"

Want to impress their men?Then they prepare a salad as a soccer ball.I think this dish will please young boys and their fathers.


  • Most importantly, the recipe here very simple, and does not need any complicated effort.Fish mash with a fork, two fresh tomatoes cut into cubes, three boiled potatoes and cut into two eggs as well.
  • All mix, dressed with mayonnaise.On a flat dish and a salad spread attach form a ball.
  • Decorate pentagons or olives, or prunes.And around the ball create a football field greens, fennel fits best.

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Tuna contains a large number of beneficial vitamins.It is very useful for women's health and beauty, because it contains vitamins E and C, selenium, which helps fight infections, as well as omega-3, which play an important role in maintaining the immune system.But at the same time I advise abused tuna - it tends to accumulate heavy metals in the human body.