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What products are excluded in order to lose weight?

Fighting obesity is a complex process, long, requiring motivation.If you decide to lose weight, then the first thing to do - is to eliminate from your diet harmful, high-calorie foods .Such food does not bring any good body, deposited in fat, fueling appetite, slows your metabolism.Simple carbohydrates - high calorie and unhealthy food.

What products are excluded in order to lose weight?

think that any woman who cares about their health and slim figure, knows that you can not eat fried, smoked, flour and sweet.But is to dwell on the bad foods for weight loss.

Which products should be excluded in order to lose weight?

  • Flour. What applies to flour harmful food: pasta, bread, cakes, pastries.Why are harmful pasta?By themselves, the pasta, especially durum, with limited use are not dangerous for the figure.However, people used to eat pasta with sauces and fatty meat.In conjunction with such additives pasta are unacceptable for a healthy diet.Any shoplifting cakes contain trans fats (margarine), in addition to these high calorie foods are extrem
    ely harmful for health.A flavoring kindle appetite, overeating is inevitable.Completely exclude fats from the diet should not be, but it should improve the quality, you can use a bit of butter and vegetable oil first cold pressing.Bread can be used only from wheat flour and in limited quantities.
  • Carbonated drinks negative impact on the acid-alkaline balance.The body can not on their own to reduce the acidity, so going acidification blood, fatty tissue, as a result, cellulite.Plus, carbonated beverages spoil the teeth and stomach.
  • Sweet .Confectionery, sweets, jams in the structure contain many harmful substances and not one useful.If you want sweet, eat a few dates per day, a little honey or fruit homemade candy.But these sweets should be eaten in limited quantities.If you are not able to control myself better to completely eliminate sweets from your diet for weight loss.
  • Fast food. This also should include potatoes, pasta noodles, fast porridge, soup.All of them are completely stuffed with preservatives and flavor enhancers.These products do not represent any value for the organism, but rather increase the body weight. Eliminate harmful snacks .Do not snack roasted peanuts, potato chips, these products are very high in calories and good for the body.

What products are excluded in order to lose weight?

  • sausage. Today's technologies allow to cook the sausage without meat, they contain a lot of salt, spices, dyes.Harmful to use is both cooked and smoked sausage.If you really want to eat, you can sometimes, but you can not abuse the sausage.
  • Potatoes. On the Internet there diet potato , a lot of controversy about the benefits and harms of potatoes.Many people can not live without potatoes, but still this product for weight loss is not recommended, if you really love the potatoes, then eat it every day, and only boiled and baked form.
  • Mayonnaise - calorie dressing is capable to spoil even the most harmless vegetable salad.But the greatest damage is the mayonnaise in a plastic bag, because harmful substances from the plastic comes into the product, making it malicious.For salad dressing, use a natural cream or yogurt, which is not stored for a long time.Eliminate from your diet any sauces and fillings , they are very fatty and unprofitable.
  • Fried. If you want to lose weight, forget about this method of food preparation, as frying.Cook food steamed, eat foods in their raw form.You can not even fry vegetables because they lose their useful properties.
  • Alcohol. Alcohol vysokokalorien nepolezen and slimming, remember at least about the beer belly.
  • Pickled products. They increase the acidity of the body, and salted herring generally contain carcinogen formaldehyde.

If you want to lose weight, eliminate the above foods from your diet, then you will learn to feel the real taste of food, will be able to clean your body, improve your health, reduce your weight.

What products are excluded in order to lose weight?

Replace harmful slimming products to useful .Let permanently on your desk will avocados, cabbage, spinach, apricots, carrots, berries, citrus and grapes.All of these products are a source of energy, youth and feminine beauty.

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