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Dates for weight loss

«If during the day you want something sweet, eat a few dates" - these words fitness trainer Tatyana may cause mixed feelings.Firstly, dates the product is sweet, and so for the dietary excluded.Secondly, as it is possible to satisfy the need in the sweet with a few dates?The presence of these questions deal makes the suitability dates for weight loss.

Dates for weight loss

Dates known since ancient times in many tropical countries, this product has been virtually the only food for several years.This suggests that dates, like other dried fruits for weight loss contain the nutrients necessary for normal functioning of the body.

most difficult in many diets and diet is the lack pitanii- sladenkogo.Finiki slimming solve this problem.Dates can be used in pregnant and lactating women.Only need to remember the normal product.Do not buy a pack of dates and eat it on the way home. Dates calorie product, so do not abuse them.

How diet for Dates

diet during a date, you can only eat dates and drink fluids.This mono-diet,

which should adhere to a few days.This diet is suitable sweet tooth, and those who sit on the diet, but is engaged in mental labor. More 3 - 4 days to practice a diet is not recommended , after should include in your diet other diet products for weight loss.

Dates diet: pros and cons

a date diet Pros:

  • limited number of permissible to eat foods causes the body to burn the accumulated calories, which leads to weight loss.
  • Dates slimming strengthen the heart and normalize brain function.The date
  • diet can elevate mood and reduce stress, which often provoke a varied diet.
  • high energy value of dates helps to fight hunger, and thus the headaches inherent in some diets are excluded.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • potential to reduce the weight of 3 - 5 kg for 10 days.

Cons of date diet:

  • Inferiority diet.For this reason, it is impossible to use dates diet for a long time.
  • long use of dates can cause vitamin deficiency and problems with digestion.
  • contraindicated in the diet is a date migraine, diabetes, kidney stone disease.
  • Do not sit on the diet of a date in sports, because dates are not conducive to the formation of muscle mass because of low protein content.

Nutritionists recommend to include dates in proper nutrition for weight loss .Nursing women dates help saturate the milk nutrients.

Dates for weight loss

Dates for weight loss.Menu of date diet

  1. 200 - 300 grams of dates per day allowed to eat during the first days of the diet on the dates.
  2. Drinking during the day should be at least two liters of liquid.
  3. On the third, the fourth day diet menu, type of citrus and apples.Wherein a norm dates should be reduced to 100 - 200 grams per day.
  4. recommended to eat an apple or grapefruit for one meal.
  5. duration of this power system must not exceed more than 10 days.
  6. pick fruit should not be sweet, so it's best to use green apples.

If you use dates as allowed by the sweetness, the day you can eat three dates, they may be replaced by a dessert or a snack between meals.

before use must be thoroughly rinsed dried .Because they stick a lot of germs and dirt. After eating dates should rinse the mouth , so as not to cause harm to tooth enamel.

After a course of diet you a date for a long time can not be indifferent to sweet dried fruit.But often use dates for weight loss is not recommended.