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Schnitzel pork: recipes.

Schnitzel - a thin layer of pork, lamb, veal, chicken breast fried in breadcrumbs or flour and deep fried.Originally it was only a dish of Viennese cuisine.At present, he caught the recipe in the world, and has become one of the favorite for many gourmets.

How to cook a classic schnitzel?

The classic version of the Viennese schnitzel - it is thin slices of veal in breadcrumbs, fried in a large amount of oil.For breading used only crumbs and egg, fried meat in vegetable oil and served with cream.

How to cook a classic schnitzel?


  1. Veal - 6 thin slices
  2. Eggs - 3 pcs.
  3. Rusk bread - 4-5 Art.l.
  4. Olive oil - for frying
  5. Butter - 100 g
  6. Lemon - 6 circles
  7. Salt
  8. capers and pickles - at the request


  • Slices of veal with salt.Beat eggs in a shallow bowl.
  • meat dip in the egg.Then roll in bread crumbs.
  • In a frying pan, heat the olive oil well.Put the meat in a frying pan.
  • Steak Fry in boiling oil with 2 sides until golden in color.
  • Put the meat on a paper towel to remove excess fat.
  • In a small saucepan, melt the butter.
  • Put fried steak on a serving plate and pour the melted butter.
  • Serve with lemon, you can add pickles and capers.

Schnitzel pork: cooking in a pan

When preparing schnitzel is considered the most important right choice of the right piece of meat and having a good hammer for beating him.Breast perfect for this dish.

Schnitzel pork: cooking in a frying pan


  1. Pork meat - 1 kg
  2. Flour - 100 g
  3. Eggs - 2 pcs.
  4. Breadcrumbs - 100 g
  5. Vegetable oil - 30 g
  6. oil peasant butter - 30 g
  7. Salt and pepper - to taste
  8. Vegetables - for garnish Preparation


  • Prepare meat.Cut thin slices.
  • repel each hammer, salt and pepper.
  • Each piece of pork as it should roll in flour.
  • meat is then dip in the egg on all sides.
  • After that selected pieces of pork in breadcrumbs zapaniruyte.
  • pans put over medium heat, her red-hot vegetable oil and butter.Dipped in hot oil from pork schnitzel.
  • meat fry in a pan for 3 minutes, then turn to the other side and also cook for 3 minutes.No more!Otherwise, your pork schnitzel foothills outside, but inside is dry.
  • as a garnish for Schnitzel you can use any vegetables.

Schnitzel pork: a recipe with mushrooms and apples

Pork Schnitzel: a recipe with mushrooms and apples


  1. Pork steaks - 4 pcs.
  2. White mushrooms, fresh or frozen - 100 g
  3. Apple sweet and sour 1 pcs.
  4. Vegetable oil - 1 tbsp.l.
  5. Salt ground black pepper
  6. Butter - 30 g
  7. bulbs - 1 pc.
  8. Walnut powder - 2 tablespoons.l.


  • Schnitzels good grease with vegetable oil and cook on a grill pan or on a grill.Season with salt and pepper to taste.
  • Wrap steaks in foil and place in a warm place.
  • Finely chop the onion and fry in oil.
  • Peel the apple and grate.Chop the mushrooms into small cubes.Chop on a special grater nuts.
  • Add the mushrooms to the onions, salt and pepper, cook for 5-7 minutes.Add the apples and nuts and cook for 3 minutes.
  • Pour mixture onto prepared grilled steaks.

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Schnitzel - a favorite dish of many people.On holidays and weekdays you can apply to the table, serviruya with vegetables, salad, potatoes or cereals.Pork produced the most succulent steaks, so it is often used for cooking.Crispy dish give breadcrumbs.Therefore, you should carefully roll them meat before frying!

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