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How to marinate aspen?

very tasty and tender marinated aspen turn, you can cook several different ways.For example, pouring marinade or cooked mushrooms cooked mushrooms in marinade.Every housewife will be able to choose for themselves a more suitable option.

Pickled aspen: recipe

boletus different one interesting feature that it is necessary to take into account during their treatment - they can change its color during the separation into individual slices of pulp.Therefore, if you want to while cooking mushrooms preserved attractive appearance, it is necessary beforehand to dissolve in a simple cold water a little vinegar or salt and put them in it as soon as trim the.

Pickled aspen: a recipe


  1. aspen - 1 kg
  2. Onions - 3-5 pcs.
  3. bottled water - 500 g
  4. bay leaf - 2-3 pcs.
  5. Vinegar 30% - 5-6 Art.l.
  6. Sugar - ½ hours. L.
  7. common salt (non-iodized) - 1,75-2 Art.l.
  8. black pepper and sweet pepper - 6-8 pcs.


  • first engaged in the preparation of mushrooms - carefully remove all the debris and immediately, without de
    lay, thoroughly wash them in salted water.At the same time you should try to avoid strong saturation moisture hats.
  • mushroom cap cut into several pieces, the legs cut slices.If the cap and stem are very small, they can be left intact.
  • saucepan filled with water and shift the mushrooms in it, and the need to advance in water to dissolve a small amount of salt.
  • Put the pan on the stove and cook on minimum heat for mushrooms, periodically gently disturbing that they are not burnt.Most importantly, let aspen juice.
  • Cook mushrooms about 10 minutes, and then enter all the spices and onions, which are not pre-cut into very thick rings.Then boiled for 5 min.
  • After this time, pour into a saucepan with mushrooms vinegar.
  • In sterilized jars and pour the mushrooms decompose the marinade, then cover with a lid container.
  • banks sterilize still about 20-40 minutes (the time is determined by taking into account the size of the cans).
  • If you want long-term storage aspen mushrooms marinated, then you need to roll up the banks with iron lids, and it will be enough for a refrigerator and a simple plastic covers.
  • In that case, if you decide to engage in self marinating aspen mushrooms, should take into account the fact that these mushrooms have legs much denser than the cap.That is why, during the heat treatment, it is worth remembering that they need a little more time than hats.But you can use a little trick - just cut them into small pieces.

Pickled aspen: harvesting the winter

Pickled aspen: preparations for the winter


  1. Black bitter and sweet pepper - 6-8 peas
  2. bay leaf - 2-3 pcs.
  3. vinegar 9% - 30-35 g
  4. Citric acid - 0.3 g
  5. Sol - 40-45 g
  6. Mushrooms aspen - 1 kg


  • to make preparations for the winter, you need to chooseOnly strong and young aspen.
  • all the mushrooms touch and completely cleared of debris, dirt, earth, pine needles, remove the roots and leave near the cap is not very long leg (about 1-2 cm).
  • prepared mushrooms thoroughly washed under cold water.Then a very large cap will need to be cut into several pieces, and little can be left intact.
  • If you are going to marinate a lot of mushrooms, then first sort them in small and large.
  • worth remembering that aspen can quickly darken and lose its flavor.It is therefore necessary after cleaning as soon as possible to conduct heat treatment.
  • Once you wash out all the mushrooms, to shift them into the prepared pan and add a little water, add small amount of salt.
  • saucepan, put on the stove, the fire fasten to a minimum and cook, do not forget to periodically disturbed.
  • During cooking, the surface of the mushroom broth foam will appear, which must be periodically removed, because you can not avoid it settling on mushrooms while tilting them in a colander.
  • Once the mushroom broth will be fully transparent, to add to the mushrooms a little vinegar, citric acid and spices.Now we need to wait until it is completely welded mushrooms - they will sink to the bottom of the saucepan.
  • Cooked mushrooms we shift of pre-sterilized jars, pour the marinade almost full.
  • Then cover with lids sterilized jars with mushrooms and then sterilized for 15 minutes.If you close the aspen in liter jars, then sterilization is carried out for 20 minutes.
  • Now roll up and turn the jar upside down to check for leaks.Further banks wrapped a towel, you can use a blanket.
  • Once completely cooled jars with marinated boletus, you need to move them to a cooler place.They must be stored at a temperature no higher than 5 degrees.

As salt aspen: notes

How to marinate aspen: the best recipes and tips

Before you start to pickle mushrooms, they first need to go through and a good sort - to remove all the debris and then rinse thoroughly with plain tap water.Unlike other. Species, aspen must be flushed several times.

Once you finish the preparation of mushrooms, they need to boil in lightly salted water for half an hour.Determine readiness easy - they begin to gradually settle to the bottom of the pan.However, we should consider the fact that you can not cook together young and old mushrooms, as the old boiled soft faster.

After aspen will be fully prepared, we shift them into a colander, wait until completely cool.Then remove the mushrooms into a separate container and pour salt in layers, adding a mixture of pepper and your favorite herbs (for example, you can mix the garlic, dill and bay leaf) of the total mushrooms salt should be about 4%.

order to preserve the taste of mushrooms, aspen mushrooms during cooking, you can use simple tricks.For this purpose not only mushrooms first sorted and dried, then mixed with salt (approximately 200 g per kg of mushroom) and podvyalivayut the sun.

Then mushrooms are passed on to banks or placed in a plastic container or tin lids are closed (you can use a simple cellophane, folded into several layers).The most important is to see to it that between the fungi are not formed air pockets.To do this, they fit quite a dense layer and leave for a few days so that they can properly brew.Then they rolled lids and placed in storage in the basement or just served to the table.

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Simplicity and ease of preparation aspen mushrooms makes this dish is incredibly popular.And it is not surprising, because a task can handle even the inexperienced young mistress, does not possess any special culinary skills.The main thing to prepare the mushrooms that they were kept as long as possible.

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