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From time immemorial in Russia preparing meals in your home oven, and of course, the taste is different from the ones that are now preparing on the stove.And it is not so important that you are ready, practice any products produced in the oven very tasty.Today, cooking stoves do not use, but there is a good alternative to this - clay pots that can be placed in a conventional oven.Why is the pots?Because their best form retains heat well and evenly baked through the dish.With pots can be even the most simple dishes make holiday treats.If you sit on a diet, or are afraid of getting fat, then it is not necessary to add butter or vegetable oil in a dish, it does not necessarily make only meat casseroles.As you can see, casseroles can be dietary, and even vegetarian.

Recipes in pots



For him you need a kilo peeled potatoes, we shall cut it into cubes and lightly fry in vegetable oil, two as we shall cut onions and fry until lightly browned.Then take beef and we shall cut is not very large p

ieces, it is also in the pan and fry for about 10 minutes then take the pot and adds layers of products - beef, potatoes, onions stacked upstairs, solish and taste you add pepper, bay leaf.All this zaley water in which tushilas beef (about 3/4 cup).Now the pot is sent to the oven for thirty minutes, and somewhere for 10 minutes before end of cooking add to the pot of 100 grams of dry wine.Before serving, decorate with sour cream and herbs.

chicken in a pot with garlic

chicken boiled in a saucepan until soft, separated from the bones and you cut pieces.Garlic tolchesh in frog or finely you cut and mixed with mayonnaise.Chicken pieces solish, coat with sauce of mayonnaise and garlic and put in pots.Top chicken you drive in raw eggs, a little solish and put in the oven.

chicken in a pot in the original

Chicken in a pot in the original

Raw chicken wash, dried and you cut large pieces.Each piece solish, pepper and go to the potty.Put the chicken on top of sliced ​​butter.Again, add pepper, salt and sugar to taste.Then it needs to roll out the puff pastry about the size of the pot, cover the pot and test carefully close up the edge.Pot in the test send it in the oven for ten minutes, then remove, close the pot with foil and again in the oven for 40-50 minutes.The chicken can also be added to fresh-frozen vegetables - beans, cauliflower and peas, and the dough for quick cooking can take a ready-made.

Rice with lamb in a pot

For this dish you will need: a kilo of mutton, two cups of rice, fifteen small tomatoes, two hundred grams of fat of sheep, two heads of garlic, salt, pepper and greens (several servings).Figure soak in salted water for an hour.We shall cut slices of lamb medium and deep fried in fat in a frying pan until golden brown.Meat put on the bottom of the pot, the top layer Lay the washed rice, then put 2-3 tomato, add salt, pepper and zaley boiling water.Meat casseroles carcass, checking its readiness periodically pulling out of the oven.Before serving, decorate with greenery.

Heart with vegetables in a pot

Chicken in a pot in the original

Ingredients: half a kilo of the heart (beef or pork), five large potatoes, three carrots, two onions, 1 turnip, parsley, two pickled cucumbers, 2 cups tomato sauce, halfcup sour cream, dill, parsley, salt and pepper.Heart rinsed in water, soak for several hours in cold water.Then rinse, throw into boiling water and cook for 3.5-4 hours, beef heart, pork 2 hours. An hour before the end of cooking, add salt hearts in boiling water.Cooked soft heart to shift in another saucepan with cold water for half an hour, then get and cut into small slices, put them into a pot, pour the heated tomato sauce and sour cream.Pickles can be added to the pot at will, they should not take very long, remove the skin and seeds, then cut into slices.The rest of the vegetables and cut into slices and fry in butter, then vegetables with cucumbers lay on top of the heart, to add salt, bay leaf and pepper and simmer until tender.When serving, sprinkle chopped herbs.

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Fish Starorusskaya pot

not only meat you can cook in the pot, but also fish dishes.To prepare the fish, removing it from the bones, and put to marinate for half an hour.The marinade should be prepared as follows: the water add citric acid, salt and pepper.Sliced ​​fish piled on the bottom of the pot, the second layer Lodge raw potatoes, cut into slices and the third layer of fried onions.Now you can put the pot in the oven for thirty minutes, then take out a, sprinkle with grated cheese and chopped herbs, and again in the oven for 10-15 minutes.Then took out and enjoy the taste of the simple dishes!

Lean potatoes with mushrooms in a pot

Chicken in a pot in the original

This dish is suitable for vegetarians and those on a diet.This will require 700 grams.raw potatoes cut into slices and lightly fry the onion in a frying pan.Mushrooms, rinse with boiling water and also a little fry.Now everything is going to pot, add there peppercorns, salt, bay leaf and water so that the water was above the vegetables.Pot on top cover with a lid and put in the oven to bake for 20-25 minutes.That's the whole recipe for this delicious dish.

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In future articles, I'll tell you the other recipes in the pot!

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