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How to make delicious dumplings?

Origin dumplings was lost after so many years.It is believed that this dish came under the influence of the Siberian or Chinese cuisine.But for many years dumplings - a popular dish in Ukraine.The dough dumplings in fresh water, but a variety of toppings: potatoes, mushrooms, cabbage, cheese, a variety of berries.Yes, indeed, anything you want, you can put in the stuffing.Molded crescent-shaped dumplings.The word "dumplings" appeared thanks to the method of preparation: cook them in the water.However, many gourmets prefer to be steamed dumplings, arguing that as they become more juicy and increase in volume.

Dumplings with curd

Dumplings with cottage cheese

dough is ready for the classic recipe.In cold water or milk volume ½ cup whipping egg, add half a teaspoon of salt.Pour 2 cups sifted flour (flour always take a fresh, white).Knead the dough.The dough must be carefully knead hands, that it was elastic.Add flour gradually, about 2 cups.If you put more flour, the dough into a ball and slipnetsya will not unroll.Now, from

the dough roll out a large circle, try to batter was uniform.Cut slices of ordinary glass.

For the stuffing take 400 grams of cottage cheese, two tablespoons of sugar, to drive back a little raw egg.All whisk until smooth, to avoid lumps.

Dumplings with cottage cheese

Now select the circle, unroll it a little wider in the middle and put a teaspoon of cheese.Then turn off the circle in half-pressing the edges.Try to keep the filling does not get out of the edge, and then the cooked dumpling can paste up.Dip your fingers in flour and using the thumb and index finger pinch patterned edge.You can sprinkle the flour on a plate and ready to put the dumplings to the table was free to cook.

polkastryuli Now pour water podsolite it.When it boils, lower the dumplings one by one, to extinguish the fire.When the dumplings float, cook them for 2-3 minutes and gently remove with a slotted spoon.Above you can put a piece of butter and sprinkle with sugar.A portion of the rest put in the freezer and make sure they do not stick together.

Dumplings with potatoes

Dumplings with potatoes

offer you a different version of the test for the dumplings, a sdobny.Three tablespoons of sour cream mix with ½ tspsoda, sour cream will rise.Three cups of flour sift, add ½ teaspoon tosalt.Add the flour gradually to the cream, and then blow off some half a cup of cold water.Knead the dough of medium thickness, knead it thoroughly.Then wrap it in a bag and leave in the refrigerator for 15 minutes to make it a little to survive.Roll dough 2-3cm thick sausages, slice and roll not thick slices.Do not make the dough very thin, otherwise it may at any moment break.

mashed potatoes cook for 5-6 potatoes, salt.When the potatoes boil, pour the warmed milk to little, add a piece of butter.Good ceiling to no more lumps.Two onions cut and fry in vegetable oil until golden brown.Some add to the onions and mashed potatoes.Now, in each circle put a teaspoon of filling and sculpt dumplings.Boil them in salted water, put on top of the sour cream and the remaining fried onions.The stuffing can also add an additional 200 grams of fried mushrooms.

Dumplings with cheese

Dumplings with cheese

tests Are prescription dumplings with potatoes.For filling take 500 grams of semi-cheese.Cut squares of its average thickness and sculpt dumplings.Boil for 4-5 minutes in salted water.Then fry on both sides in butter.Above you can pour the cream sauce.For him, take 3 tbspsour cream, finely cut foliage, 1-2 cloves of garlic, all stir, add the black pepper.

Dumplings with cherry

Dumplings with cherries

for berry dumplings good fit dough, which we prepared for the dumplings with cheese.

For the stuffing take 700 grams of cherries (can be black currant, strawberry).Wash it, if frozen, the wait when it thaws.Then sprinkle the cherries 100 g sugar and 3 tbsp.spoons of semolina.Leave for half an hour to drain excess juice from the berries.Semolina put to when the berries start up the juice, they are absorbed into semolina.And then the dumplings are not pasted.Do not try to fill the dumpling filling until it stops, then it will be safe and orderly.

recommend that you choose a favorite test - the main thing is not to overdo it with the flour and knead it properly.Then dumplings are elastic and strong.And do not throw them freeze together, so they adhere on one another and fall apart during cooking.It is better to place them on a dry plate and top cover package.Try to keep the dumplings were not included in the freezer next to meat or fish, they can quickly soak unpleasant odor.If you have not learned how to pinch the edge of beautiful, do not worry, better to buy in the store ready-made form dumplings.

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