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Wonder curd recipes

Many of us know that the cheese is very useful, and it must be more likely to eat.But many stop memories from my childhood, when my mother faithfully spoon for spoon feeding curds, and we did not want to eat it.Therefore, we invite you to take a fresh look at the cottage because of it you can cook a lot of unusual and very tasty dishes.

Delicate cottage cheese casserole

lie two packets of cheese in the fridge, and you can not figure out where to use them?Think about cheese casserole.In the morning, you want something light and gentle.Take 400 grams of cottage cheese (the main thing that was not sour curd, so try it first) and place in a deep dish.Pour a little boiling water from the kettle, add 5 tablespoons of semolina, mix well.Beat one egg back, pour 2 tablespoons of sugar (you can use honey).Flour putting unnecessary.

Delicate cottage cheese casserole

now finely-Mince 3 slices of lemon and sprinkle in a handful of washed raisins.Mix everything and put in shape.Bake for about 20 minutes.Breakfast get nutritious and vitamins,

and most importantly - delicious.You can add different toppings: dried cherries, apricots, figs, prunes.And beautiful, and easy and a good mood charges.


Such rafaellki made very quickly, so keep in mind this dessert in case you suddenly declare younger guests.


buy two children's curds without raisins, mash them with a fork.There is added a little sugar, if unsweetened curd and lemon zest.Kata balls of the same diameter in the middle of a can put on one roasted hazelnuts.Pour coconut on a plate and dip the balls there.Above you can decorate with some jam nuts.And put in the fridge for 20 minutes.If there is no coconut, you can roll balls in grated waffles or biscuits.

Chocolate rolls

First, we need to cook pancakes.Three eggs divide into whites and yolks.Proteins to stir until it they will not keep the shape of the peak, add a pinch of salt and remove them in the refrigerator.Half a cup of yolks and whisk together sugar, add 5 tablespoons of vegetable oil.Half a teaspoon of baking soda and add to extinguish the same.Soda can be put out or a drop of vinegar or citric acid, can and fresh lemon.

Chocolate rolls

glass of milk boil, remove from heat and dissolve it 100 grams of dark chocolate.Flour take the first 3 tbsp.spoon and 1 tbsp.spoon of cocoa, sift, add in the egg yolks.Then top up with chocolate mixture.Look at the consistency of the dough: it should be similar to the sparsely sour cream, add the flour as needed.At the end, enter the whites and gently stir the dough, as if lifting it.The dough for pancakes ready.Good warm frying pan and begin to bake.

Now make the filling: 200 ml cream 35% fat whisk with 200 g of cottage cheese paste, add powdered sugar to taste.Stir well and begin to spread across the entire diameter pancakes.On top of cheese put canned peach slices, approximately in the middle of the pancake.We turn off all the roll, cut into small portions.The edges of the cut, so that they are smooth.If you use fresh fruit, keep in mind that the pear combined with bitter curds, good taste give kiwis and bananas.And do not put the cocoa powder overweight - pancakes will bitterish.

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need to glaze melt a chocolate bar and add a little vegetable oil.Now carefully dip each pancake on all sides in the chocolate, the tip can be poured from a spoon.And put in the fridge to harden.

now have in hand a very delicious dessert of cottage cheese.So eat cottage cheese with pleasure themselves, and prepare it for others.

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